Kids Murder Mystery Game Kit - Mystery At The Museum
Kids Murder Mystery Game Kit - Mystery At The Museum

Kids Murder Mystery Game Kit - Mystery At The Museum

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  • The Host Can Play Along
  • Download & Play Immediately After Purchase
  • Playable on Zoom & In-Real Life

Ready for an epic adventure right in your living room or even online? Grab your detective hat and get ready for a super fun "Night at the Museum" themed Kids Murder Mystery game night! Whether you’re solving mysteries with your friends at a sleepover, or cracking codes with your classmates online, our murder mystery kits are perfect for any young sleuth.

As soon as you get your kit, you can download all the mysterious game materials you need. Just send out the cool invites to your friends, and you’re all set for a night filled with laughter, puzzling clues, and thrilling discoveries. Whether it's finding out who the secret art thief is or discovering the hidden treasures, every moment is packed with fun and exciting challenges.

So, are you ready to be the hero of your own museum adventure? Get your game on, invite your friends, and let the mysteries begin!

Murder Mystery Plot

The local museum is holding a public exhibition of wax figures, to show kids what Genghis Khan, Amelia Earhart, and other historical characters looked like. What the public doesn’t see is that the characters come to life every evening and party until dawn, when they turn back to statues. It’s all due to the ancient 'Wand of Vitality” that is also on display.

One night, the party is interrupted by a blackout. When the dim emergency lights come on, there are sudden screams. "The Wand is missing from its case! Someone hid it so only they can use it! If it isn't back by dawn, the rest of us are doomed to be statues forever!"

Whodunit? Was it someone who wanted to create new armies? Someone who wanted to go out into the world and do more of what made them famous? Someone who wanted to sell it for a fortune? Or maybe it was—YOU!

Game Details

Murder Mystery Game Title: Mystery at the Kids’ Museum

Game Play: Random Murderer (Can be played multiple times)

Crime: Theft

Character Genders: Multiple Gender Neutral, Male & Female Characters

Game Setting: Museum

Difficulty: Moderate

Game Length: 1.5 - 3 Hours

Costume Suggestions: Various historical figures

What's In The Download Kit
  • Host Guide
  • Detective Audio Files
  • Evidence Packs
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Costume Suggestions
  • Invitations
4-8 Player Game ALBERT EINSTEIN Genius German physicist. Wild hair, wild gestures, wild ideas. Early 1900’s suit. Wild gray hair, glasses. Carries a slide rule or violin.
AMELIA EARHART Pioneering American aviator. Brave and daring, but often seems lost. Early 1900’s goggles, flying jacket, scarf.
ANNE BOLEYN Beheaded British queen. Flirtatious and clever. 1500’s gown, “B” necklace, green sleeves. Carries her head.
BOUDICA Ancient British warrior queen. Fierce and easily insulted. 1st century gown, cape, sword, shield, crown. Flowing hair.
CHARLIE CHAPLIN Hollywood silent film star. Funny but sad at the same time. Early 1900’s ill-fitting black suit, bowler hat, mustache. Carries/twirls a cane.
EDWARD TEACH  Also known as Blackbeard. Bloodthirsty pirate Captain. Strangely cheerful. 1700’s pirate gear with EMPTY sword scabbard. Thick black beard.
GENGHIS KHAN Mongol conqueror. Will fight anyone, anytime. Loves horses. 1100’s Asian armor. Wispy beard and mustache. Carries/rides a toy horse.
HENRY VIII British monarch, larger than life. Loves eating, drinking and getting married. 1500’s doublet, tights, crown.
4-14 Player Game ISAAC NEWTON Genius British mathematician and physicist, always watching for falling apples. 1600-1700’s suit. Carries an apple.
JULIUS CAESAR Roman emperor. Paranoid, thinks everyone wants to stab him in the back. 1st century BCE. Toga, laurel wreath.
LUDWIG VON BEETHOVEN Stubborn German composer. Never listens to anyone. 1800’s suit, wild hair. Carries a hearing trumpet or conductor’s baton.
MACON DeTOUR Modern. New Museum Guide, stayed late to practice giving a tour. Sensible shoes, white shirt, dark trousers/skirt. Lanyard or nametag.
MARIE CURIE Polish scientist. Sad about everything, easily injured. 1800’s gown, white lab jacket. Carries a test tube or Nobel Prize.
MOCTEZUMA Aztec emperor who expects everyone to obey his orders or be sacrificed. 1500’s, cape, headdress, carries a feathered scepter/staff.
4-20 Player Game MOTHER TERESA Indian nun. Works humbly with the poor, but loves to chat with the rich. 1900’s, white nun’s habit with blue trim.
NELSON MANDELA South African politician and activist. Stately but likes to snoop. 1900’s suit, graying hair.
QUEEN VICTORIA British monarch. Prudish and never, never amused. 1800’s black gown, shawl, crown.
TINA TURNER American R&B singer. Doesn’t let the old-timers stop her from doing her thing. Late 1900’s mini-skirt. Carries a microphone.
UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN Unpolished American, no-nonsense Titanic survivor. Early 1900’s gown, life jacket. Carries an oar or Titanic souvenir.
WALKEN Z. BEET Modern Museum Guard. Hates working the night shift, scared of the dark. Security guard uniform, large key ring. Carries a flashlight.

Note: If you want the ability to choose from all characters please purchase the 20 player game.

Commercial License

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  • If you are running the game as part of an event where guests or individuals are charged an entry fee
  • If you are hosting the game for a virtual or public dinner party

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