Choosing a Murder Mystery Game for your Party

Everyone loves a good mystery, don’t they?  Whether reading a novel, going to see a play, watching a movie, TV show or serial killer documentary. As a society we’ve been fascinated by crime for generations and the more gruesome the crime the better. That’s why we love a good murder mystery game. A chance to live our best detective (or murderous) fantasy in the company of our friends and family. At Masters of Mystery we allow you to live that dream and have many different games, themes and Era’s for you to choose from.  We also release new games regularly, so you can be guaranteed to find something to suit your needs, from our popular 1920’s and 1980’s themed parties to Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes style adventures and many more. But why not try something a little bit different? Masters of Mystery have a vast selection of other games so if you’re feeling bold we are here to giving you a glimpse into some of the different games and themes that we offer.


 A Little Something Different

Do you love the Great British Bake Off? Welcome to ‘Bake Down!’ you and your guests take on the roles of world class bakers competing to win a chance of a lifetime.

Plot: World renown baker, author, and artisan chef Barry Merry is finally retiring after over 40 years and 40 bakeries, opened up in 40 countries, he’s giving one lucky person the chance to win the keys to this multi-million-pound business. Choose from characters such as hosts and judges Paula Dollywood and Cat Lucas or take on the roles of competitors such as Faye Ricake, Ed Velvet or Clem Brule. It’s crunch time with just one more challenge before the winner is crowned so come join the baking competition of a lifetime, meet other competitors and try and figure out the best way to win, or prevent someone from winning….

Ever dreamed of running away with the circus? I know we have and that’s why we’ve created our Circus: The Greatest Murder! Game.

Plot: The circus is in town and it’s the last night before you pack up and move on. As a company you are celebrating a successful run with a few drinks at a party. However, beneath the cheerful exterior some issues that have been suppressed finally come to light. You can take your pick from exciting characters such as Aria List, Darrin De’vil or Sigfried AnRoy, everyone is hiding something, but what?  With details of affairs and scandals arising suddenly everyone is mad at the Burnum brothers, when one of them turn up dead, suspended from his own knife throwing board no one seems that surprised, but who killed him? Were they aiming for him or his brother the ring master? We need to find out…


If you’re a fan of your classic murder mystery stories then you’ll love our post war traditional manor house 1940s murder mystery.  

Plot: It’s 1946 and the war is over! To honour those brave soldiers who fought to bring peace back to the land, Lord Winchester, is having a party. Known for his diverse guests, lavish decor, and free flowing booze any gathering at his London Manor is always the talk of the town with celebrities such as Julie Gala, Aubrey Heyburn, Alfie Hitchlock and world famous detective Hercules Peridot all present, along with war heroes such as Colonel Muster, Sherman Tank and S.Pitfire it will be a night to remember. As guests are enjoying a cocktail or three, the lights go out and when they turn back on Winchester is dead. What was the motive? Revenge? Jealousy? It’s up to you to find out.


Do you love your epic fantasy adventures? Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones etc. If you do, why not step into one yourself? Our Lord of the Throne murder mystery game could be just what you’re looking for.

Plot: Following The Great Battle a delicate peace has been established across the Kingdom of Hydrock with dwarves, ogres, elves, humans, faeries and halflings all living their lives in relative harmony. You have been invited by the king to attend Hydrock Castle, along with other selected representatives, to discuss matters relating to the governance of the new kingdom. However, upon your arrival at Hydrock Castle all is not well an important guest who is key to the meetings success, has failed to show. This is very unexpected, and everyone knows that unexpected events that occur in Hydrock are usually prompted by murder, you must solve the case as quickly as possible to prevent the kingdom falling back into a chaotic battle.


Are you a fan of sci-fi adventure? Do you fancy yourself a space pirate or explorer? If you do then we can recommend taking a trip to our ‘Tavern at the End of the Universe’ with our space murder mystery game.

Plot:  A derelict space station near the edge of the galaxy was empty until “The Tavern at the End of the Universe” was opened up. It serves as a stopover for the assorted nomads wandering in space. From spaceship captains to lost hitchhikers, time-traveling physicians, androids, amphibians and furry creatures. They all come here to rest, relax or maybe close on a shady transaction in a private meeting room. One night, a rowdy crowd has gathered to hear the famous Cantina band play, suddenly the music stops and a body, spattered with what looks like blood, floats past the viewscreen. The owner of the tavern has been killed and then ejected into space from the closest airlock, no one had access except the people in this room. Someone there is a murderer but who?


Are you a bit of a foody? Do you enjoy a good meal? Fine wines and expensive cheeses? If so then our wine tasting murder mystery could be for you.

Plot: An elite crowd is gathered in the wine cellars of the renowned Château des Folles. The world’s oldest (and smelliest) cheese variety is about to meet a wine that has been scientifically formulated to bring out its full flavour. Alain Bosc, the eccentric billionaire who sponsored the wine-and-cheese project, has gathered you all here to witness this food tasting that will make history. After thanking the scientists who genetically modified the wine grapes and the monks and nuns from the abbey that have been making the cheese for centuries, he take a piece of cheese and a gulp of wine before suddenly beginning to choke. He falls to the floor, dead. Who killed him? Was it his jealous younger sibling? A business owner wanting to steal his empire? Or was it one of the scientists, servers or religious persons wanting to rid the world of his arrogance? It’s up to you to find out.


Holiday and Event Specific Games

Masters of Mystery have a variety of Halloween or Christmas themed games from Vampire Balls to elves running wild in Santas workshop. Below are some of our recommended Halloween and Christmas themed murder mysteries.



The Vampire Ball: Count Dragula, the “Queen” of New York is hosting the Blood Ball at the exclusive Fang and Rose Club uptown. A place where night walkers and blood drinkers of all ages can celebrate the immortal life. A little after midnight Count Dragula returns to their dressing room after finishing their performance to discover a body drained of blood…Was it one of the invited guests? Or some party crasher who made their way past security? Was it a crime of passion or hatred? It’s up to you to find out!

Little Shop of Rocky Horrors: A local theatre group is putting on a production of Little Shop of Horrors. The entire cast travels out to a country estate to shoot publicity photos, but a sudden rainstorm forces them to take shelter in the manor house. Inside, they are shocked to find a raucous party of odd characters, led by the twin scientists Curry and Cox N. Furter. They are even more shocked when their director is found dead at the bottom of the elevator shaft but who pushed her in?



A Christmas Crime: It’s nearly Christmas and Santa is hosting an unveiling party where the design plans for the hottest new toy will be revealed ready for this year’s production and distribution. The Christmas Board of Directors will be present as well as Elves from all departments have been invited to celebrate what we know will be a huge success, but just as the unveiling is about to commence the power goes out and the plans are stolen! It must have been someone in the room, but who?

Poison on the Polar Express: The Northern Express, makes its first Christmas voyage with a special guest who just might be handing out pressies to those on their best behaviour! You have been specially selected to come with us on our maiden voyage trip due to your festive sounding name. We know that you’re going to have the best Christmas this year and by accepting this invite you’re going to get your festive season off to an unforgettable start, nothing will go wrong of course, you’ll enjoy a nice drink and help spread some festive poison, I mean cheer!

Maybe you’re looking for a specific theme for a specific event. Masters of Mystery, have you covered here too, we have several event specific games available, whether you’re having a graduation party, or a 4th July independence day BBQ or are celebrating a Kings coronation or having a Eurovision party. We have games to suit all your needs here.

Now we’ve listed some of our recommended games here, but there’s many more to choose from, feel free to have a browse through our extensive collection, we just know you’ll find something perfect for your party. Remember, we add new games all the time, so keep checking back to see what else we have in store for all your murder mystery needs!