How To Host A Murder Mystery

Watch our video on how to host a murder mystery. For more common FAQs our video didn't answer please see below or contact one of our mystery agents via the website chat.

Game Play

Yes, our murder mysteries can be played with a minimum of 4 players. The games are designed around a random murderer allowing you to choose any combination of characters.

For our escape rooms, you can play with a minimum of 1 player however we do advise to play with a maximum of 6 for the best experience. If you have more players for our escape rooms then you may wish to split into teams and purchase a game for each team.

All of our games can be played via Zoom or other Video Call tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime etc.

After purchasing the games you will be providing instructions on how best to play the game you have picked over Zoom or other Video Call tools.

We recommend the Murder Mystery games are played with a minimum of 4 people otherwise it will be too easy to figure out who the murderer is and the game will be over too quickly.

If you are playing with less than 10 you may want to include more mingling and improvisation to ensure the game lasts longer.

Depending on which game you have purchased the games can take:

Murder Mysteries - Depending on the amount of guests you have this can take anywhere between 1-3 hours. This doesn't include any improvisation you may want to include if you have smaller groups of less than 10.

Escape Rooms - you will have 1 hour to complete however you do not have a limit on when you need to use the game by.

Cold Case File - these typically take around 2 hours to complete. You do not have a time deadline but it will record the time you finish in. This will depend on how many people you are playing with.

Yes, If you are the Host and want to join in without finding out who the murder is, that isn't a problem. the Host & Evidence Kit wont tell you who the murder is until after all the Ballots have been collected.

The Host can play as one of the characters or if you wish they can adapt the roll of the detective and use the detective script instead.

Please visit the expansion pack section on our website where you can purchase an add-on to increase the number of players for your event. These will be available to download immediately. Please see the link below:

We typically suggest our games are played by 13+ but this is guidance only.

There is no overly obscene language or major sexual references unless stated on the product description so if you feel a younger individual could enjoy the game please do not be worried about this.

No, a printer isn't essential as you are able to play the games via your phone or computer device by having the character packs downloaded and open as you play the game.

Alternatively you can print them and hand individual packs to your guests or send them their own packs for your guests to decide whether they would prefer to use their phone or have them printed out.

Our games contain scripted elements and there are rounds to test your improvisation skills as well.

Depending on your acting ability and if you learn your characters and their scripts well enough you can of course improvise all of it.

All 4-8 player games have first 8 characters
All 4-14 have first 14 characters
All 4-20 have all 20 characters
You can see under the 'Character Tab' on the website of the game you purchase, which characters will be included within your game.

If you wish to have access to all of the characters to choose from then either purchase the largest player game or visit the link below to purchase the expansion pack.

The kit, depending on the game, will typically include the below;

Host Guide

Evidence & Evidence Booklet

Character Guides

Detective Scripts


Some games also include video files

Yes, the Host can play without knowing who the murderer is but this will depend on whether you are playing virtually over Zoom or playing In Real-Life.

To make this work, the Host needs to do a few things before the
- Assign each player (including yourself) a letter of the alphabet and ask them to keep it secret. The best way of doing this is having letters corresponding to the number of players in a bowl for players to pick out at random.
- Prepare another bowl of slips of paper, each labeled with a letter that has been assigned to a confirmed player.

- NOTE: Only the Host needs to access this bowl during the party. Then at the start of the party:

- Ask everyone to keep a blank face, then draw a slip of paper, on camera if you are playing virtually. Announce the letter. Discard that slip.
- Inform the players that the letter you drew is the Murderer, who should use the “Guilty” scripts in their Character Guides. Everyone else should use the “Innocent” scripts you will use the remaining slips of paper in the bowl for the Final Statements, pulling a letter out and asking them to read their Final Statements until only the Murderers letter is left. The Murderer will then read their statement last.

If you are playing over Zoom then you are best having an assistant (non player) to assign letters and a murderer.


Instantly, all of our Murder Mystery Games are sent to you digitally, no physical game is sent.

This means you get to access the game immediately after purchase and choose whether to print them and have a hard copy or send them to your guests digitally.

All of our games are sent to you immediately after purchase, you should find the access details in your email. If you can't find it please check your Junk.

By sending this to you digitally means you get to access the game immediately after purchase and choose whether to print them and have a hard copy or send them to your guests digitally.

If you still can't find it you may have entered your email address incorrectly during checkout so please ask to speak with an agent so we can get this rectified.

Once you have purchased you will automatically be taken to a page on our website where you can access all of the materials to play the game.

Your download is available on your order confirmation page immediately after purchase. You will also be sent a download link to your E-Mail for future reference.

If you inputted the wrong E-Mail during checkout and haven't received the download E-Mail please let us know.

All of our games are Digital Downloads as we have tailored these to be suitable for In Real Life or Virtual game play.

No physical kit is sent to you however all of our games are delivered to your email immediately after purchase in a printable format so you are able to have hard copies printed for your players should you wish.

As we are required to use some form of image to represent the Digital Kit that is what the company has chosen. We make it as clear as possible within the description and footer of the website that all of our games are digital downloads. We cannot be held responsible if customers did not take the time to read all information available to them.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.