Best Christmas Murder Mystery Games

It’s November! Know what that means?  Bonfire night, fireworks, frost on the ground, that chilly wind that freezes your nose and toes and of course next month it’ll be Christmas!

You may think that it’s too soon to start thinking about Christmas but is it really? Think about it. At this time of year especially, it’s nice to spend time with friends and family but as adults we know how hard it can be to arrange a time and a date where everyone can get together for a catch up and a party, so give your guests plenty of notice and start planning now!

At Masters of Mystery, we have a whole bunch of games to choose from, lots of wonderful themes and characters and we understand that sometimes it can be hard to make a decision. To try and make it easier for you, we’ve compiled some information on some of our Christmas Murder Mystery parties to help you make your choice that little bit easier.

What are you looking for?

Something thrilling and dramatic? Something that brings back memories from your childhood? Maybe you want something that the whole family can join and play with you. Whatever you’re feeling we’ve got a game for you.

Maybe you have younger children and don’t want something with a dramatic death scene, if you want to steer clear of ‘murder’ all together but still have the same experience and the same amount of fun as one of our ‘murder’ mysteries. Then we recommend picking up  A Christmas Crime this game takes you right the way to the North Pole and Santa’s workshop.

The plot: It’s nearly Christmas and Santa is hosting an big unveiling party where the design plans for the hottest new toy will be revealed ready for this year’s production and distribution.  The Elves from all departments are invited as well as the Board of Directors and everyone is upper excited to see the new toy. Everyone gathers when suddenly the powers cut, chaos ensues, mulled wine is spilled and the plans are stolen! Who took them? You have to find the answers or production can’t continue and Christmas will be cancelled! You’ll play one of the Klaus family, an elf, or a director, each of you has a motive and an opportunity but only one of you is guilty. But who?

Maybe you want to take a ride of a Christmas train and what better train than the one and only Northern Express! Take a trip with lots of other special guests, but be careful because there’s Poison on the Polar Express!

The Plot: PolaRail are proud to present our festive spectacular ‘Next Stop, Christmas!’ our fun-filled family day out aboard our most popular steam locomotive - The Northern Express- complete with a special guest who just might be handing out pressies to those on their best behaviour!

You have been specially selected to come on the Northern Rail’s maiden Christmas-themed trip due to your festive sounding name. Some come along and join us we know that you’re going to have the best Christmas this year and by accepting this invite you’re going to get your festive season off to an unforgettable start! You’ll play one of 20 characters with festive sounding names such as Christopher Carol, Oliver Baubles, Scarlet Angel, Molly Snowflake and many others. What could go wrong?

They sound fun don’t they? But maybe you want something a little more grown up, and relatable? Christmas Sweater Murder Mystery might be just what you’re looking for. Everyone knows those office Christmas parties, don’t they? They can be quite tedious and so to make them more fun, you dig out your ugly sweater and have a bit (or a lot) to drink and then drama happens! That’s what you expect but what if your boss decides to have a lunch party with no alcohol, how can drama happen then?

The Plot: Well, it’s the annual “Ugly Sweater” lunch for employees, clients and vendors. It’ll be dull and quiet, with everyone on their best behaviour of course… But then a scream rings out and the company president is found dead in the copy room. His head bashed in as he bent over the copy machine. Unfortunately, the body collapsed onto the “Print” button, so hundreds of copies of his astonished face are flying around the room. As guests you will be mingling uneasily among the cubicles, with questions. What was he copying? Who’s in charge here? When can we go home? And most importantly—whodunit? Play as Barr Chart, Sandy Which, Gimmy. A. Bonus and various others and help solve the crime before home time.

Do you have fond memories of Christmas? Curling up by the fire and watching Christmas movies with the family? Take a trip down Christmas Nostalgia lane with The Christmas Mashup and play as Christmas pop culture characters.

The Plot: The holidays can be stressful for all of us, but it can be especially hard on the people who reenact a Christmas story every year for our entertainment. Good old Ebenezer Scrooge has started a “Holiday Derangement Syndrome” therapy group for characters from pop culture to get together and talk about their feelings. During a discussion of what Christmas means to them the lights suddenly go out and there is a strange gurgling sound in the darkness, when the lights come back on Scrooge is dead! You’ll play as characters such as the Grunch, the Sugar Plum Fairy, Captain Nutcracker, Shawn McClane, Kel Mccanister and many others. One of you killed Mr Scrooge but who?

Whatever you’re in the mood for Masters of Mystery have something to offer to you this holiday season. Any one of our Christmas games will provide you with a variety of characters to choose from, you can purchase games for gatherings of 4 to 8, 4 to 14 or even 4 to 20 people. Each of your guests will be given a booklet that contains all the information that they will need to participate and have fun at your Christmas Murder Mystery party. You can check out some of our other games at Masters of Mystery or read some of our blogs for tips and tricks to help you plan food, drink and decorations. Have a Fun and Festive Season!