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Throw an unforgettable Halloween bash with a spooky Halloween murder mystery game. At Masters of Mystery, we design and develop captivating and enigmatic murder mystery games for a variety of occasions and events. Our Halloween selection includes creepy stories, terrifying monsters, and haunted settings that are sure to give your party an especially bone-chilling vibe.

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Why Halloween Murder Mystery Games are Super Fun

Our Halloween party games will definitely have your guests feeling spooked (as they should be during this scary season)! These games can bring the thrill of haunted houses and horror movies right to your home or virtual party venue for an exciting night of frights.

Each member of your party will get to play a character in a murder mystery story and interact with one another in their respective roles. Guests will be engaging with one another rather than splintering off into separate groups and a common goal will be shared by all throughout the night.

Halloween parties can end up feeling just like regular costume parties since they often lack the necessary scare factor. Our Halloween murder mystery games are guaranteed to elevate your event far beyond any old costume party. In fact, your guests won’t just be wearing the costume of their character but rather living out the night as the character themselves.

Our Halloween-themed murder mystery games will take you and your guests through a thick and bewitching plot teeming with uncertainty and creepy details.

Why Choose Our Halloween Games

Our Halloween murder mystery games are well-loved and highly rated. The team of writers and game developers here at Masters of Mystery are experts in crafting a captivating plot that keeps everyone on their toes. Our well thought out stories, characters, and tantalizing reveals are sure to impress your guests and keep the fun flowing throughout the night.

Thanks to our fully digital format, you can save paper and keep game contents on a computer, phone or tablet. Additionally, you can play our games remotely over a Zoom call which is especially ideal during pandemic restrictions.

See our many glowing 5-star testimonials from families, work teams, and friends alike that have embarked on one of our murder mystery journeys. Entertained and satisfied customers are the reason we do what we do.

Why Host a Halloween Murder Mystery

Hosting a Halloween Murder Mystery party is an exciting and fun way to spend time with friends, family and even colleagues. Each party guest will play the part of an interesting character while navigating a spooky story to find clues about the culprit.

Engage and excite your guests with our captivating and frightening Halloween party games. Our well-executed plots and fleshed-out characters are sure to impress and help your party-goers get into the Halloween spirit.

Our games are also customizable to cater to different age groups and party sizes. Additionally, every one of our products is Zoom-friendly for those that want to socially distance to the max this spooky season.

How To Make Your Halloween Party Better

If you love throwing parties but dread the exhaustion that comes with trying to entertain all your guests, a murder mystery party might just solve all your problems. Murder mystery games are the perfect way to keep everyone entertained while you have just as much fun. You’ll be more than just a host with our exciting packages—you’ll be a top tier game master.

If you choose to host your party in person you can enhance the ambience by decorating your space according to the story’s theme. With castle motifs for count Dracula and campy mansion accessories for Rocky, you’ll have a blast just setting up.

For Zoom parties, feel free to find background images that your guests can activate with their camera to really immerse them in the story. You can use stock images of dark castles, eerie mansions, and misty forests to keep in line with the spooky subject matter. Zoom also has Halloween-themed filters in case your guests would rather stay in pyjamas. These include ghoulish faces and other frightful characters.

About Our Games

Our gameplay structure consists of three rounds with breaks for food, drinks and socializing. Round one is when characters get to mingle and the murderer finds out who they are. This round focuses on the characters learning about themselves and the other characters’ backstories.

Round two involves more investigating and discovering the motives. The murderer can lie to detectives but everyone else must tell the truth (though answers can be kept vague). Facts and evidence about the murder will be shared among the players.

Round three involves more time for sharing evidence among all the players and a voting round where everyone gets a chance to guess the killer with a ballot vote. At this point, the culprit is not revealed. An accusation round will take place and if the murderer has not been correctly guessed then the detective’s accusation will be read.

We offer the following Halloween-themed games:

  • Halloween Murder Mystery Game Kit - Monster Mansion
  • Haunted Halloween Online Escape Room Game - The Haunting of Emmie Jenkins
  • Exorcism & Asylum Halloween Murder Mystery Game Kit
  • Rocky Horror Halloween Murder Mystery Game Kit
  • Halloween Murder Mystery Game Kit - Vampire Ball

Each game kit includes:

  • Host Guide
  • Detective Audio Files
  • Evidence Packs
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Costume Suggestions (In Character Guides)
  • Invitations

 Simply download your game kit immediately after purchase, send out your invitations and revel in a night of mingling and mystery.

Our Other Themes

If you’re a little too early or too late to plan a Halloween party, check out our many other themes. We have murder mystery party games designed for summer, winter and Christmas as well as online escape room games for any occasion.

Browse our extensive and exciting collection today and get your friends and family together for some priceless fun. There is really no denying that everyone enjoys a good mystery.