Halloween Murder Mystery Games

Halloween Murder Mystery Games


      Throw an unforgettable Halloween bash with a spooky Halloween murder mystery game. Our Halloween party selection includes frightful stories, terrifying monsters, and haunted settings, sure to give your party an especially bone-chilling vibe.

      Browse our selection of digital Halloween murder mystery game offerings, online escape rooms, expansion packs, and more!

      Halloween Mystery Parties

      Murder mystery parties are interactive-themed events where guests, typically six or more people, solve a fictitious murder or theft. Our games take place over three rounds. The goal for partygoers that assume a game character is to figure out the murderer while also sleuthing into intriguing character subplots, money trouble, and hidden agendas. You can host a Halloween murder mystery party in real life (IRL) or virtually over Zoom.

      Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

      Host your own Halloween dinner party with our murder mystery party kits! Browse our wide range of Halloween murder mystery party games and choose from various story plots, characters (colorful female, male, and gender-neutral characters), and themes for multiple ages. We offer Halloween party ideas for all group sizes, interests, and modes. All our murder mystery game kits can be played in real life (IRL) or virtually over event platforms such as Zoom or Discord.

      Learn how to host epic Halloween mystery parties

      Choose a Murder Mystery Party Halloween Theme

      Choose from one of our Halloween themes: vampires, ghosts and hauntings, monster mansion mashups, freaky asylums, and Sherlock Holmes. Want a different theme? No problem. You don't have to limit yourself to monster or ghost themes. You can choose a wizarding castle, a pirate ship, a Western saloon, or a masquerade ball - you and your guests can choose!

      Halloween Murder Mystery Game Party Kit

      Our whodunit games are quick to assemble, easy to run, and full of great fun for friends and family. Our party kit includes a host guide, detective audio files, evidence packs, character booklets, game ballots, costume suggestions, and invitations. Access is easy. Pay, download and play immediately.

      Add to your Halloween murder mystery party with the dinner menu, decorations, spooky music, sound effects, and prizes. Check out our Halloween party ideas and resources.

      Murder Mystery Game Challenges

      Are your guests' murder mystery game veterans? We classify our murder mystery games as moderate or medium. Choose to play in real life or as a virtual murder mystery game. Select the game version difficulty – moderate or medium.

      Replayable Murder Mystery Games

      Most moderate and medium games are replayable with different outcomes and murderers. So, host multiple Halloween mystery parties for years and years.

      Host an IRL dinner party in your own home, then play virtually online through Zoom or another event platform. Play our games repeatedly with different groups of suspects (friends or family), or participate in the same game as new characters and a new killer.

      Virtual Halloween Murder Mystery Parties

      Murder mysteries are fun for your guests, whether you choose to do a murder mystery party or play together online from the comfort of your home. You can adapt most murder mystery game kits for digital or IRL play. The kits contain all the basics to run the game virtually, including character sheets, detective audio files, evidence packs, game ballots, costume suggestions, and invitations.

      Murder Mystery Game Expansion Packs

      Have a large group of friends and need more character profiles and suspects. Get extra guests with our Expansion Packs for an expanded version of our mystery games for up to 20-30 guests.