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Host a murder mystery dinner party.

Host your own murder mystery game dinner party with our murder mystery party kits! Browse our wide range of murder mystery games and choose from various themes or stories for multiple ages. We cater to different group sizes, and all our murder mystery game kits can be played virtually, over event platforms such as Zoom, or played in real life. We carefully craft our murder mystery party to immerse both yourself and all of your guests into a world of crime - become the detectives and solve the mystery.

Murder Mystery Themes

Fancy yourself in a haunted castle, aboard a pirate ship, glitzy mansion, or stuck in another decade; we make the mysteries; your job is solving them.

Choose from a range of fun themes, story plots, and colorful female, male, and gender-neutral characters for different detective skill levels and group sizes.

  • decade specific games
  • present-day games
  • seasonal games
  • film and novel inspired games
  • fantasy games
  • various crimes, and more.

Fancy Playing Host To A Murder Mystery?

Looking for a different fun way to entertain? Create a memorable event as friends, family, or colleagues become suspects as the story, crime and clues unravel around you.

Our whodunit games are quick to assemble and easy to run but packed full of great fun for all group sizes. Play and host at the same time; choose your own character and everyone else's characters, set the date and place; it's that easy!

Our free-play games allow hosts to share the crime, the different clues, and then your guests do the rest. We support our hosts with guides, support, and advice, including other games for virtual play and real-life murder mysteries.

Challenging Murder Mystery Games

Is your group murder mystery dinner veterans? If you are after a challenge, choose our Murder at Moorbourne Manor game.

Choose to play in real life or as a virtual murder mystery game with the ultimate Sherlock Holmes-inspired murder mystery game. One murderer, one play only, but solving the murder may prove your group's greatest challenge. Select the game version marked difficulty – hard.

Simply download the murder mystery game materials immediately after purchase, and enjoy a night of laughs, intrigue, and mystery.

Play Our Murder Mystery Games Over & Over

Most of our games are replayable with different outcomes and murderers. Host your murder mystery party again and again.

Choose to host a dinner party in real-time, then play a new case online through zoom or another event platform. Play our games repeatedly with a new cast, or have your friends participate in the same game as new characters and new killer/villain. Get the most out of your purchase with our replayable games.

Our Most Popular Games

We love our murder mystery games and know that you will too.

The Great Glittersby Murder and Murder in the 1980s are two of our most popular games and are easy to plan. They are perfect for Zoom murder mystery parties but are also great for real-time play. These games allow up to 20-30 guests to play as characters.

Get extra guests with our Expansion Packs for an optional expanded version of our mystery games for up to 30 guests.