Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Games


      Ever fancied yourself the next Hercule Poirot? Or maybe you were destined to follow in the inimitable footsteps of Sherlock Holmes? Either way, our murder mystery games offer the ultimate opportunity to show your friends and family what you’re made of. With a host of games to choose from, each murder mystery party kit transports you to another time or dimension entirely. Chase the clues, solve the riddles and uncover tantalizing secrets along the way – but watch your back. You never know what or who might be lurking around the corner…

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      Murder Mystery Party Kits for Limitless Fun.

      Host Your Very Own Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

      If you’re looking for a creative idea for your next gathering, look no further than our murder mystery games. Designed to be played alongside friends, colleagues or family, they’re the perfect antidote to the same old meet-ups, taking the excitement (and mystery…) to the next level.

      Immersive Murder Mystery Games

      When it comes to creating murder mystery party kits, we’ve really mastered the craft. Each pack is thoughtfully put together by our expert sleuths, complete with narratives that are bound to thrill, surprise and delight your whole guest list. Why not step up the fun and dress up for maximum authenticity? Hurry though – the game is already afoot!

      Kits For the Whole Family

      Detectives of all ages will love our murder mystery party games. Gather the troops for a dinner party or spend your weekend devouring our nail-biting narratives, ideal for adults and children alike. Each murder mystery kit comes complete with comprehensive instructions, and you can even purchase an expansion pack for groups of up to 30 guests.

      Virtual Or In-Person Play

      Getting everyone in the same place at the same time can be quite the puzzle to solve in itself, right? Luckily for you, we’ve found a solution. Our murder mystery party games can be played in-person around a table OR online over Zoom, ideal for friends and family both near and far. Hunker down for the evening and let the fun commence, wherever you are.

      Play Again and Again

      Did you know that most of our murder mystery games are replayable with different outcomes and murderers? Whether you opt for in-person or online play, simply start again with a new cast or ensure everyone swaps roles for an entirely new experience.

      Challenging Murder Mystery Games

      If you’re part of a group of murder mystery dinner veterans, we’ve got just the answer. Some of our games are super tough to crack – the Sherlock Holmes-inspired Murder at Moorbourne is the best example. Play in real life or as a virtual murder mystery game and solve our toughest and most intriguing puzzle yet. There’s nothing elementary about this case, we can promise you that! 

      Thrilling Themes for Every Occasion.

      The creak of a floorboard. A flickering light. A pair of eyes, watching at the window. Darkness is enticing – so why not uncover the mysteries within? Our themed murder mystery games are ideal for those who love the thrill of the chase, collecting clues, unraveling secrets and shining a light on the truth. Whether you fancy yourself the villain, the victim or the unbeatable detective, we’re bound to have a kit that gets your spine tingling.

      With so many themes to choose from, your dinner parties will never be the same again.

      Decade Specific Games

      The past itself offers a world of mystery to uncover, so why not try out one of our decade specific murder mystery party kits? Explore characters inspired by your favorite 80s movies and pop icons, including The Terminator, Madonna and Top Gun. Celebrate the end of the war in style with a 40s themed cocktail soirée, before your host meets a dark fate. Or, if you dare, head back to the roaring 20s with our Gatsby-themed murder mystery.

      Present-Day Games

      There’s no time like the present for a murder mystery dinner party, right? Pour yourself a glass of vino and get started on our wine tasting murder mystery game, or get the flags out for our monarchy and royal family themed kit instead. Prefer something more extravagant? Our masquerade murder mystery is always a crowd-pleaser. 

      Seasonal Games

      Every season brings with it an occasion worth celebrating, whether you’re hunkering down for the holidays, hiding from the spooks on Halloween or ticking off your college goals at Graduation. Whatever you’re raising a glass to, step up the fun with a murder mystery dinner party. We’ve got a kit for every occasion, ideal for your next family get-together.

      Film and Novel Inspired Games 

      Everyone loves a whodunnit, especially when it’s based on your favorite film or novel. From Poison on the Polar Express and Murder at Moorbourne Manor, all the way to The Greatest Murder and Lord of the Throne, you’re bound to love our immersive mysteries – inspired by the ones you already know and love.

      Fantasy Games

      If you’re ready to take your murder mystery game to the next level, why not try out our selection of fantasy-inspired kits? Based on worlds that go beyond our deepest imaginations, these kits are a great option for your next murder mystery dinner party.

      Looking for a Unique Gift? We’ve Got You Covered.

      Whether you’re searching for the ultimate Christmas gift or something memorable for a special occasion, there’s no better choice than a murder mystery party game. Not only will your recipient be able to enjoy them again and again with friends and family, but they’re bound to think of you every time they play. Thoughtful, fun and full of suspenseful surprises – what could be better?

      Shop Murder Mystery Games Now.

      Ready to turn up the intrigue at your next gathering? Want to challenge your friends to solve an electrifying conundrum? It’s time to pencil a date in the calendar and choose the perfect murder mystery dinner game for your group.

      They’ll be laughs. They’ll be screams. There’ll be blood, guts and glory – metaphorically speaking, of course… But most of all, when all is said and done, they’ll be pure satisfaction when the truth comes out.

      Shop for your murder mystery kit now, brought to you by Masters of Mystery.