1980s Murder Mystery Game Kit
1980s Murder Mystery Game Kit
1980s Murder Mystery Game Kit
1980s Murder Mystery Game Kit

1980s Murder Mystery Game Kit

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  • The Host Can Play Along
  • Download & Play Immediately After Purchase
  • The Host Can Play Along

Host your own In Real Life or Virtual Murder Mystery game night with the ultimate 80s murder mystery game. Our host your own murder mystery kits are perfect for a night in with family, a dinner party game with friends or a team building exercise for colleagues.

Simply download the mystery game materials immediately after purchase, invite your friends and enjoy a night of laughs and mystery. 

Taking character inspiration from Movies and Pop Icons such as; The Terminator; Bill & Ted; The Breakfast Club; Back to the Future; Top Gun, Madonna and more 1980s classics for this murder mystery game.

Murder Mystery Plot

It’s 1985, and shooting is about to begin on the latest blockbuster movie from the studio of Mr. Honcho L. Stree: Blastdance: the Explosive Teen Musical. The cast of teens (and would-be teens) are assembled, the crew are ready, and visitors to the set are hushed in anticipation. Suddenly, there’s an explosion from the next soundstage, and in blows the body of Mr. Stree himself.

It’s obvious it was murder—but whodunit? Was it Keanu Heaves, the teen star looking for another excellent adventure? Was it Leggy Varmer, the aerobics queen making her first movie? Or was it Martie McFry, a time traveler from the year 2020, who just buzzed onto the set in her custom Tesla?

Game Details

Murder Mystery Game Title: A Totally Rad 1980’s Murder

Crime: Theft

Game Setting: 1985. Soundstage on a British movie studio

Character Genders: Multiple Gender Neutral, Male & Female Characters

Difficulty: Medium (Replayable With Different Outcome)

Game Length: 1.5 - 3 Hours

Ages: 14+

Costume Suggestions: Classic 1980s Outfirs, Stars of Stage & Screen

What's In The Digital Kit
  • Host Guide
  • Inspector Video & Audio Files
  • 1980’s Slang Poster
  • Evidence Packs
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Costume Suggestions
  • Invitations

4 - 8 Player Game

Gilliam Stealberg

Director, made sick by interruptions to his “masterpiece.”

Klippy Borde

Assistant Director, bossy, control freak.

Al B. Backe

Actor, Terminator type. Intimidating.

Keanu Heaves

Actor, Bill & Ted type. A total slacker dude.

Duran Whamm

Pop star, making his first movie. Full of himself.

Heather Hurtful

Actress, Mean Girl. Totally conceited.

Tom Kutes

Actor, Top Gun type. Always posing and flashing his pearly whites.

Polly Pingwald

Actress, Breakfast Club type. Looks down on everyone.

4 - 14 Player Game

Jarvis Lyme

Actor, Ghostbusters type. Frequently possessed by strange spirits.

Leggy Varmer

Aerobics queen, making her first movie. Always bouncy and smiling.

Shamie Lee Kurses

Actress, scream queen, scared of everything.

Harris Kooler

Actor, Ferris Bueller type, always trying to be cool.

Shawn Kleese

Screenwriter, nerd, hates having the script changed.

Goka Boomah

Eastern European Special Effects Expert, loves loud noises.

4 - 20 Player Game

Jell Ann Glidder

Make-up/Hair Artist. Thinks hairspray is the solution to every problem.

Lou Katme

Camera Operator, will do anything for attention.

Madonna Wannabe

Choreographer, flirtatious, always posing.

Coffey Phillips

Caterer, eavesdropper, knows everyone’s secrets.

Puncheon Kicke

Fight Director, hot-tempered, violent.

Martie McFry

Time traveler from 2024. Amazed at 1980’s styles and technology.

Commercial License

You will need a commercial license in the following circumstances;

  • You plan to use the game for profit (public or private)
  • You plan to promote and host the game publicly
  • If you are running the game as part of an event where guests or individuals are charged an entry fee
  • If you are hosting the game for a virtual or public dinner party

You are not authorised to sell or amend any game or document in any form.

You must purchase the license with the game you intend on using it for. If you have already purchased the game individually please purchase this again with the license and we will refund your original order.