Healthy Snacks for a Murder Mystery Party

It’s January, the month we all decide to make a change, exercise more and eat better. We’ve overindulged over the Festive season and want to make a fresh start but we understand that it’s really hard to keep yourself motivated, when we’re feeling the effects of winter, not only is it cold, we’ve returned to work, we’re struggling financially and there’s not another ‘holiday’ for a while but why not have a party anyway, host a murder mystery evening for your friends and family and chase away those January blues.

We know you’re conscious about keeping those resolutions, so we’ve made it easier for you to keep them. So, you don’t need to break the bank, nor break your new years resolution, we’ve compiled a list of fun and healthy party foods you can serve to your guests, both children and adults alike.

Sandwiches are simple to make but why not make them a bit more fun by making them shaped like a flying saucer? This Flying saucer sandwiches, recipe is for egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches but you could always use other ingredients. Go with something you like.

Have you tried making Vegetable Nuggets? These are made from mashed vegetables and cheese and coated in breadcrumbs and provide a healthier alternative to friend chicken nuggets.

Low- sugar fruit jellies the recipe uses strawberries and mangoes but you can use the same process with other vegetables. Create a fun and healthy treat for the kids.

Healthy Rice Krispie treats, healthy with no baking required and a gluten free alternative available.  Made with just 4 ingredients cereal, butter, honey and sprinkles. Create a healthy party snack.

Mini Pizza’s are always fun to have at any party, but you don’t always have to go with your standard cheese and tomato pizza. Why not try a Mini Zucchini pizza or Cauliflower crust pizza are just some healthier pizza options for you to serve at your murder mystery party.

BBQ Rach Pasta Salad is one of a few things you can make a large batch of and place out on the table for guests to help themselves too during your party. Why not also add things such as Cowboy Caviar or Smoky veggie nachos and serve with nacho’s or wraps so people can make their own  healthy variations.

Mini anything’s’ are always a lot of fun and easy to make and lay out. In addition to your mini pizza’s why not also add some mini chicken fajitas, mini berry and banana breads or mini Zucchini, tomato and spinach muffins or treat guests to some spiced soup shots you can create vegan-friendly or meat-eating varieties to cater for all different types of guests.

Skewers can make great additions to your party table. Whether you opt for more child friendly options such as these hedgehog skewers or go for these healthy  Chicken & basil meatballs on sticks, they’ll add a touch of flare to your healthy party snacks.

5 ingredients or less

When planning for a party you are always conscious of time and of course money, more often than not the healthy options are not always the quickest or the cheapest options, that’s why we’ve done the research for you and have found some quick, cheap, easy and healthy party snacks that in fact use 5 ingredients or less.

Lemon, Mint & White Bean Dip, a quick and healthy dip to be served with nachos, vegetables or crackers and containing a few simple ingredients and a prep time of just 5 minutes.

Cheddar-Apple Cracker Bites made from cheese, crackers and apples, they’re healthy, nut free, gluten free and have a prep time of just 5 minutes. Additionally you could also make Avocado & Salsa Cracker made from avocado and bread, it takes 10 minutes to make and is both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Stuff it and bake it, a simple yet effective way to make some delicious and healthy party food without breaking the bank. Have you tried making some Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms? 3 ingredients, mushroom, pesto an bread crumbs and a prep time of just 10 minutes. If you’re not a big mushroom fan than why not use peppers? You could try these Cheese-Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers made with bell peppers, cheese and chives. No need for baking and a 5-minute prep time. If you fancy a meat alternative, then why not try Chicken & Rice Stuffed Peppers? Made with peppers, cheese, chicken, and rice with any additional seasoning you like. These have a 15-minute prep time and a 45 minute cook time.

We’ve given you a few healthy snacks and party food options to serve at your murder mystery party but what about drinks? If you or your guests are participating in dry January, then you may be worried about finding suitable drinks for a party, if you remove alcohol from the table. Below are a few alcohol free but equally special options you can serve your guests as alternatives.

Easy raspberry lemonade, uses just three ingredients and takes just 15 minutes to make. It’s great for children and adults alike. Additionally, you could make an Orange mocktail instead, its healthy and easy to make.

If you want something that resembles the more alcoholic variations of drinks then why not look at making Negroni substitute the gin for something else and away you go.  

The Shirley Temple is one of the most famous mocktails, names after the child star it contains just three ingredients, none of which contain alcohol.

Virgin piña colada is the non-alcoholic variations of the tradition cocktail. Substituting the run for a non-alcoholic syrup.

Lemon drop martini, is another mocktail that is made the exact same way, you just substitute the gin for an alcohol-free variant or water.

Irish cream liqueur uses maple syrup, milk and cream, can be made without the alcohol.

We hope you find these healthy foods and dry January drinks helpful in planning your party and they they’ll helping you get through the January blues and keep yourselves motivated. Happy 2024, may it be a good one.