Murder Mystery Games for Different Occasions



Murder mystery games have captivated people for decades with their blend of intrigue, suspense, and interactive fun. Whether you're a seasoned detective who has attended many events or whether you are brand new to the idea of a murder mystery party, Masters of Mystery offer a wide selection of games to entertain you and your guests.

One of the great strengths of our murder mystery games is their versatility, not only do we have a great selection of themes but all our games can be adapted to different group sizes and can be done in person or online and so will suit a range of occasions. Whether you're planning a birthday party, corporate event, family gathering, holiday celebration, wedding, or even a fundraiser, there's a murder mystery theme that can elevate the occasion and bring people together.

In this blog we’ll discuss some of our games to help you chose something suitable for your event. Whether you're looking to add a unique twist to a birthday party, create a memorable team-building experience at work, or entertain guests at a family reunion, we've got you covered.


Birthday Parties

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, a murder mystery game offers something different, fun and memorable that will stand out from traditional party activities. Our games are engaging and interactive, providing entertainment that encourages guests to work together, solve puzzles, and uncover clues. Choosing a murder mystery game for a birthday party ensures that everyone is involved and having fun, making the celebration truly special.

It's important to select themes that are suitable for the birthday person's age group. For children's parties, our Pirate Treasure Hunt or Space Adventure can be perfect. For adults, more sophisticated themes like a 1920s Speakeasy or a Hollywood Whodunit can add a touch of glamour and intrigue.

Our Game suggestions:

1920s Great Glittersby: Guests can embrace their 1920s glamour with flapper dresses and pinstripe suits, it’s the prohibition era and guests have been invited to an exclusive party at Jay Glittersby’s, with alcohol, celebrities and mobsters what could possibly go wrong?

Dead Men Drink No Rum: A pirate adventure. The Bouncing Barnacle pirate ship has just docked and the crew head to the local tavern for a night of songs and drinks, but when the tavern owner is found dead clutching a treasure map the crew begin to wonder what other secrets might he have been keeping.

Scandal in Bodgerton: A Regency themed party, the gossip column is released weekly and contains all the scandals of the era but no one knows who the gossip writer is but it’s high time that we found out, whether she’s a young lady trying to remove her rivals or a servant eager to get back at their employers or even  an eligible gentleman trying to distract people from his own escapades.

These are just a few options; we suggest tailoring the game to the Birthday Person's Interests. So consider their hobbies, favourite books or movies, and personal preferences when selecting a theme.


Holiday Season (Christmas, Halloween etc.)

The holiday season provides a perfect occasion to host a murder mystery party, adding a unique twist to traditional celebrations. Whether it's the joy and the spirit of Christmas or the eerie dark vibes of Halloween, adding a murder mystery game to your party is a great way to make it something people won’t forget easily.

Our Game Suggestions

A Christmas Crime: Set in Santa’s workshop, a big unveiling event causing chaos when the plans for the latest toy are stolen and the workers must figure out who stole it and why and maybe uncover a few secrets about the workshop as they go along.

Christmas MashUp:  Scrooge is running a therapy session for people who find the holidays hard, various characters from Christmas movies and books make an appearance to discuss their  Christmas issues but when Scrooge is found dead they must figure out why, did he know too much? Or is there more going on?

The Haunting of Monster Mansion: It’s a monster mash, all the creatures of the dark are gathered for a party where famous scientist has discovered a potion that can turn monsters into normal human beings, but the potion was stolen, why? Is someone upset about the fact that someone is trying to change them? Or perhaps they’re wanting to keep it to themselves? You need to find out.

The Vampire Ball: It’s time for the Blood Ball at the exclusive Fang and Rose Club uptown. A place where night walkers and blood drinkers of all ages can celebrate the immortal life. But when the host is murdered, secrets and scandals must come out, for immortal beings have a lot of secrets.

These parties are great for encouraging guests to dress up. Ask guests to come in costume, they could have some real fun with it. You can always incorporate elements of the holiday into the game too, include music, decorations and themed foods.


Corporate Events

Work parties and training days can be very dull, however by encouraging your workplace to include a murder mystery game then maybe you can make it a little more fun for everyone involved. Murder mystery games can encourage people to work together, communicate with one another and problem solve, as employees must work together to unravel the mystery. They also provide a fun and interactive break from the usual routine, allowing team members to bond in a more relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Our Game Suggestions

The Final Curtain: a 1950s Broadway murder mystery, at the after party celebrating the 25th anniversary of famous play “The Trap” the director is found dead, suspects include the production team and the cast and crew, set in on the backdrop of 1950’s glamour.

1940’s: its 1946 and the war is over! To honour those brave soldiers who fought to bring peace back to the land, Lord Winchester, is having a party. Known for his diverse guests, lavish decor, and free flowing booze any gathering at his London Manor is always the talk of the town.

Murder At Moorbourne Manor: Winter 1899, Lord Moorbourne doesn’t expect to live to see the turn of the century. He’s called his nearest and dearest to a private will reading to right the wrongs of his past but when he’s murdered on a cold and stormy night it’s up to the guests with the help of the police to find out what happened.

The Art of Murder: The Yate Gallery is London’s most exclusive art gallery. Owned by Sir Reginald Artsworth a patron of the arts and collector of priceless artwork, you are invited to an exclusive unveiling party for a new piece added to his collection. However the evening quickly turns sinister when a valuable painting goes missing, and Sir Reginald is found dead, shot by one of the ornate pistols in his collection. With secrets, scandals and complex family dynamics there’s a lot to uncover here.

These themes are a lot of fun, with some more complex character dynamics which will challenge your team and create a memorable and impactful team-building experience that strengthens connections and boosts morale within your organisation.


Family Gatherings

Murder mystery games at family gatherings offer a delightful way to create fun for all ages, providing something for the kids to do, to help them feel like they’re part of the family and their voices matter. These games can bring relatives together as you work together to uncover clues and solve intriguing mysteries,

Our Game Suggestions

Mystery at Toadwart school: set at the Toadwarts school for witches and wizards, the school has a new artefact the philosophers scone, at item that can supply endless baked goods to whomever holds it. But when it’s stolen the students and the teachers have to figure out who took it and why.

The Great Bakedown: a bake off themed murder mystery, the great bake down is a competition held by Barry Merry, a famous baker who is retiring and leaving his entire bakery franchise to the winner, wannabee bakers from across the globe compete but when the front runner is found murdered it’s up to the team to figure out who killed them and why.

Mystery at the Museum:  The local museum is holding a public exhibition of wax figures, to show kids what famous historical characters looked like. What the public doesn’t see is that the characters come to life every evening due to the ancient 'Wand of Vitality” that is also on display. One night the party is interrupted and the lights go out, someone has stolen the wand! If it’s not discovered before the end of the night everyone will return to their statue forms forever!

Space Mystery: At the edge of space there’s a tavern open to all space travelers from all across the universe as a place to rest, refule, seal a deal etc. Tonight is busier than usual with a well-known space band playing, unfortunately the owner of the tavern is found dead, his body is seen floating past the window having been killed and pushed out of the air lock. It’s up to the Space team to figure out who killed him and why!

To ensure everyone enjoys the game, it's crucial to choose themes that are suitable for all ages, ensuring that both young children and older adults can participate and have fun. Keeping the game light-hearted and fun helps maintain a joyful atmosphere, avoiding overly complex or dark themes.


Other Events

Murder mystery games at weddings, anniversaries, and engagement parties offer an unconventional but memorable entertainment option that guests are sure to love. These games provide a unique twist, transforming traditional celebrations into interactive experiences that engage everyone.  You can also offer a murder mystery game as an engaging and profitable way to raise funds, perhaps for a charity? To maximize attendance, it's crucial to sell tickets by making sure you are promoting the event effectively, utilising social media, community networks, and local media to spread the word and encouraging guests to dress up and get involved in a fun activity while raising money for a worthy cause.


Our Game Suggestions

Masquerade Mystery: The year is 1755 and it’s Carnival season in Venice, time for the masquerade ball. A chance for rich and poor, old, and young to come together everyone to be equal for a night. But when everyone is hiding their identity, it can be hard to know who you are talking to.  The question on everyone’s lips is who is the figure in red? Seen conversing with several guests but no one admits to knowing them. A glass smashes and the figure is found dead on the floor.  Who were they? And why did someone want them dead? It’s your job to find out...

Circus Mystery: The circus has been in town and it’s the last night before you pack up and move on to the next town. As a company you are celebrating a successful run with a few drinks at a party, but beneath the cheerful exteriors that is the circus some issues finally came to light and several heated arguments took place. With affairs and scandals being brought to the surface now everyone is mad at the Burnum brothers, so when one of them turns up dead, no one seems that surprised. But who killed him? Were they aiming for him or his brother? It’s up to you to find out.


Murder mystery games are a fun addition to many events, from birthday parties and corporate gatherings to family reunions, holiday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, and charity fundraisers. These games provide a slightly different but memorable entertainment, whether you choose a 1920s Speakeasy, an art heist or a Masquerade ball you can create an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere that guests will love.

 The key to a successful murder mystery game is ensuring inclusivity, blending the game with the event's theme and traditions, and balancing fun with the appropriate tone for the occasion. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, raising funds for a cause, or simply bringing people together, Masters of Mystery can transform your event into a thrilling and unforgettable experience and therefore we encourage you to try hosting a murder mystery game for your next special occasion. It's a wonderful way to add an element of surprise and excitement, creating an event that not only entertains but also brings people closer together, leaving them with cherished memories and a sense of shared adventure.


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