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1980s Men's Fancy Dress Party Fashion Guide
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Which is the Best Murder Mystery Game Theme to Play?
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10 First-Time Murder Mystery Host Tips
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10 Best Young Adult Murder Mystery Games
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Frequently-Asked Hosting Questions for Murder Mystery Parties 

Whether you are a first-time host or have hosted many murder mystery parties with old friends, there are always questions. The most common questions hosts we get are around preparation, dinner party set up, gameplay, and virtual murder mystery parties. This article outlines some of the most common questions we get from hosts about the murder mystery dinner party. 

DIY Murder Mystery Games Pros & Cons

Creating your own perfect murder mystery game from scratch can be rewarding, but some challenges come from making a mystery game all by yourself – and for many, it can be pretty daunting. To help you decide, let’s take you through the advantages and disadvantages of creating your own DIY mystery game 

Pirates-Themed Murder Mystery Game Costumes Ideas
Ahoy there. You’re invited to our latest murder mystery party. The theme? Well, it’s pirates, of course. And, what a fun theme to dress up in full costume!  The world of pirates has fascinated us for decades. Way before even...
Wild West Saloon Murder Mystery Game Costumes Ideas
Tough Cowboys and Cowgirls. Horse thieves. Hard working saloon girls. Sharpshooters. Train robbers. And cold-blooded murderers.  It sounds like you are going to a Wild West Saloon murder mystery party! Need inspiration for your character? Look no further; at Masters...
Eighties Hollywood Male Costumes for Murder Mystery Party
Okay! You have you invite! You have the date! You have your character! You have your character booklet! Now you just need a costume! Well, gents, you are in luck! The 80’s theme is one of the best to dress...
Why Virtual Murder Mysteries Will Endure Post-Pandemic
Throughout the past year, we’ve seen all sorts of different trends in remote socialization and entertainment. And among these trends, virtual murder mysteries gained popularity as fun, creative alternatives to the “real,” in-person thing. Now, as we look ahead toward...
80's Hollywood Female Costumes for Murder Mystery Party
Think Big Hairstyles! Think Shoulder Pads! Think Bright Neon Colors! Think Ripped Jeans! Get set to explore a few iconic 80's fashion looks that can fit a range of characters for the Masters of Mystery's s Murder Mystery Game Kit. ...
1920 Murder Mystery Game Male Costumes Ideas
I bet the moment you saw the invitation to that 1920's Gangster and Flapper murder mystery party, the first thing you thought was – "what costume are you going to wear? While the 1920s are epitomized by women's elegant and...
Murder Mystery Game Awards & Prizes
Hello, would-be murder mystery hosts! So, you have decided to host a Murder Mystery Party, whether in-person or virtually. That is fantastic – and we just know you and your guests are going to love it!   We get many questions...
How long are murder mystery games?
Welcome, fellow sleuths!  Once again, the game's afoot…we have a victim, we have a weapon, we have a room fall of guests, and one of you is a murderer. Discover the identity of the murderer before the party ends. So,...
How To Host A Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Virtual murder mysteries can be entertaining for your friends and family. Through the power of technology, you can invite virtually anyone to join you in fun. But having said this, the actual act of hosting a virtual murder mystery may be less clear. By implementing these tips and insights, we're confident that your murder mystery party will be a hit with your friends and family.

What is a virtual murder mystery game?
Hello, detectives! So you're interested in a bit of mystery, murder, and mayhem, all from the comfort of your home. Well, consider the virtual murder mystery game to be very much afoot… So, what is a virtual murder mystery game?...
10 Must-Ask Questions to Solve a Murder Mystery Game

Do you want to dazzle your friends and family with your detective skills, or maybe you are just the type of person who is always in it to win it? Well, the best way to catch a murder at a murder mystery party is to ask the right questions at your next murder mystery party. The key to asking quality detective questions is to be consistent, practical, and sensible.  

Murder Mystery Game Elements 101
Are you thinking of hosting your own murder mystery dinner party? Whether you are creating your own murder mystery game or in the market for a game kit, you might wonder what components make a great game. There are 6...
How many people do you need for a murder mystery party?
The best part of a murder mystery game is that it is tailorable to nearly any party size; small, medium, large, and even some corporate murder mystery games include up to a hundred employees. It depends on the event and...