Eighties Hollywood Male Costumes for Murder Mystery Party

80's costume for murder mystery

Okay! You have you invite! You have the date! You have your character! You have your character booklet! Now you just need a costume!

Well, gents, you are in luck! The 80’s theme is one of the best to dress up and immerse yourself into the music, the dancing, and the hair! If you need inspiration, look no further than 80’s Hollywood. Some killer costume ideas to be had from classic flicks like – American Psycho, Back to the Future, Terminator, Top Gun, The Breakfast Club, and Footloose.

Many of these 80’s looks can be created by you from simply shopping at thrift shops or charity shops. You can find other complete costumes in costume stores and online via Amazon. Keep reading to find out how to piece together a classic 80’s outfit for your 80s Hollywood murder mystery party.

Before you rush out to get a costume, don’t forget to wait to be assigned a character by your murder mystery host. You need to remember to dress up according to your given character and find this information in your character booklets.  

Before we start, while the article is skewed towards more male 80s fashion, all the looks can also be altered to gender-neutral outfits/costume ideas.

The “Movie Producer Yuppie” from American Psycho

While the movie American Psycho was released in 2000, the protagonist Patrick Bateman encapsulates the 1980 business executive, Wall Street, and media culture. So much so he kills for it. His sense of style boils down to his  Armani suits, red power ties, suspenders, and the idea that he is better than everyone else around him. Perfect inspiration for a big-time movie producer or actor!

American Psycho 80s Costume

To get this look on your own:

  1. Striped or colored suit jacket and pants
  2. Striped shirt
  3. Suspenders
  4. Red Tie
  5. Dress shoes
  6. Hair combed back

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: movie director, wannabe actor, actor, movie producer, etc.


80s Street Casual

 80s costume for murder mystery

In 1989, Spike Lee’s film, Do the Right Thing, about racial tensions among young teens, foresaw fashion trends that would dominate the early 90s but remained faithful to the eighties with bright colors and classic casual wear. The film character’s rocked the knee-high shorts and baggy wear – like the colorful spray jacked, sports jersey, and colorful polo shirts!  

 80s costume for 80s murder mystery party

  1. Knee-high shorts or rolled up jeans
  2. Baggy/oversized polo shirts in bright colors
  3. Colorful spray jacket or sports jersey
  4. Large gold or black chain
  5. Tube socks
  6. Sneakers

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: assistant director, stunt man, wannabe actor, actor, caterer, camera operator,

"Don’t Forget 80s Hairstyles" Footloose

While Kevin Baker in1984’s Footloose epitomizes the purest 80s attire, so too, does his big hairstyle. Men's and women’s hairstyles were on the bigger side in the 80s – mullets, afros, and lots and lots of gel. So don’t forget to buy yourself some product for your doo before the party, you're going to need it!  

On the outfit side of things, the fashion in footloose mirrors other male 80s Hollywood fashion, such as the classic look worn by Danny, Kenickie, and the other T-Birds in Grease and even Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.  

 80s costume for murder mystery

  1. Light Stressed Denim or black denim jeans
  2. White/black singlet “wife beater” (tucked in, of course)
  3. Leather or denim jacket
  4. White sneakers
  5. Big hair

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: movie director, assistant director, stunt man, wannabe actor, actor, caterer, camera operator, pop star, etc

I feel the need, the need for… Top Gun

80s costume for murder mystery

In one of his most iconic roles, Tom Cruise, 1986's Top Gun, brought some iconic fashion looks to the 80s. The two signature pieces are Cruise's aviator jacket and aviator glasses which became instantly famous after the film’s release and remain so even today. You can find Top Gun costumes from costume shops and online stores or make it yourself.

Unlike many other 80s characters, Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is cleaner with a crew cut in line with his more military look!

 80s top gun costume for murder mystery

  1. Black pants
  2. White t-shirt
  3. Aviator jacket
  4. Aviator sunglasses

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: wannabe actor, actor, pop star


The Terminator

80s terminator costume for murder mystery

He said, “I’ll be back,” and boy was he right! Terminator costumes are a must-have at any 80s costume party, including 80’s murder mystery parties. Don’t get sucked in though, just because he is a programmed killing machine does not mean he is the murderer or does it!

You can purchase Terminator costumes online, but it is pretty easy to recreate the look yourself. Here is how you could piece together a T-800 Model 101 cybernetic android costume, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original 1984 Terminator film.

  1. Dark T-Shirt
  2. Leather Jacket
  3. Black pants
  4. Leather belt
  5. Leather boots
  6. Finger-less gloves
  7. Sunglasses

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: wannabe actor, actor etc.

Marty McFly Goes Back To the Future

The time-traveling eighties icon is a must-do costume at an 80s murder mystery party. The look is reasonably easy to achieve with a bunch of layering. Most of the pieces for the outfit can be found in thrift stores or online shopping. And, the look is easily transferable with today’s fashion!

If you want to add some props with this look, we recommend adding an old school skateboard or electric guitar, just like the aspiring muso himself.

80s costume for murder mystery
  1. Blue jeans
  2. Check short sleeve shirt
  3. Jean jacket
  4. Suspenders
  5. Red Puffer vest
  6. Cap
  7. Nike shoes
  8. Aviators

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: movie director, assistant director, stunt man, wannabe actor, actor, caterer, camera operator, pop star, etc


The Classic Breakfast Club Looks

The Brain  

Anthony Michael Hall plays Brian Johnson, the diligent student of the teen group. And as such, his fashion reflects his nerd-like status. He has more of a simple style, but it is very much the eighties.  

80s costume for murder mystery

  1. Green or blue oversized sweater
  2. Khakis
  3. Trainers
  4. Tube socks
  5. Sunglasses


Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: assistant director, caterer, camera operator, etc


The Athlete

What teen movie would be complete without the typical “Jock” outfit. The character Andrew Clark played by Emilio Estevez sure does fit the bill for the 80s jock. His style is simple, but it is all about showing off his status as a high school athlete.

80s costume for murder mystery
  1. Blue Jeans
  2. Varsity jacket with hood
  3. Nike wife-beater with a tank top
  4. Necklace
  5. White sneakers


Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: stunt man, wannabe actor, actor, camera operator, pop star, etc


The Criminal

Though labeled “the criminal,” Judd Nelson playing John Bender had quite a fan base and was many an 80’s crushes. His clothes scream “screw you” to the establishment but are carefully put together. 

If you want to wear this look, most of these pieces can also be easily incorporated into your wardrobe for later wear.

80s costume for murder mystery
  1. Blue or Black Jeans
  2. White long sleeve
  3. Checked short sleeve polo shirt
  4. Denim jacket
  5. Trench Coat
  6. Finger-less gloves
  7. Black boots


Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: stunt man, wannabe actor, actor, caterer, camera operator, pop star, etc


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