Hosting a Summer Murder Mystery Party

Well summer is finally here, the BBQs are coming out and people are inviting their friends and family over. You may want to do something a little different, maybe host a murder mystery party in your garden. At Masters of Mystery we have several great options that’d be suitable for an outdoor occasion. Why not pick a game you can combining with some more traditional summer games. Live your garden party fantasy this summer! In this blog we’ll provide you with creative ideas, practical tips, and step-by-step guides to hosting your own summer murder mystery party. Whether you're looking to throw an unforgettable birthday bash, a unique family reunion, or simply a fun-filled day with friends, this blog will inspire you to create an event that’s a perfect summer occasion.

Planning the perfect summer games murder mystery party begins with selecting the best theme and storyline. How about A Scandal in Bodgerton? Our Jane Austen an Bridgerton themed game will give you a taste of Regency glamour. Pair it with traditional lawn games such as Croquet, Bocce ball, Bowling or Cornhole. You could choose our Bake Off or BBQ Independence Day Murder Mysteries and add games such as Giant Jenga. You could do our Cowboy or Pirate Murder Mysteries and add in a treasure hunt .At Masters of Mystery all our games come with clues, you could hide them for guests to find. By carefully selecting and integrating these games into the murder mystery narrative, you create an engaging, dynamic, and memorable event where guests are actively involved in both the physical and mental challenges of solving the mystery. Below are some of our suggestions for summer games.

Cornhole is a staple at many summer gatherings. It's easy to set up and play, making it perfect for guests of all ages. You need two boards with holes and bean bags. Players take turns tossing the bean bags, aiming to get them through the holes on the opposing board. You can easily make this game more exciting by hosting a cornhole tournament with prizes for the winners.

Bocce Ball is another classic game that combines skill and strategy. It involves throwing a small ball (the pallino) and then trying to get your larger balls as close to it as possible. The game can be played on any flat surface, and it’s great for fostering friendly competition among your guests.

Horseshoes is a timeless outdoor game where players take turns throwing horseshoes at a stake in the ground. The goal is to get the horseshoe to land around the stake or as close as possible. This game requires minimal equipment and space, making it a versatile option for any party.

Water Gun Tag (for your pirate or cowboy themed mystery) Upgrade the classic game of tag with water guns. Designate one player as “it,” and arm everyone with water guns. The person who is “it” tries to tag others by squirting them with water. Once tagged, the person becomes “it.” This game is a surefire way to get everyone laughing and running around.


Tug of War is a straightforward yet incredibly fun game that tests strength and teamwork. All you need is a sturdy rope and a designated middle line. Divide your guests into two teams, have them grab the rope, and pull! The team that manages to pull the other across the line wins.

A scavenger hunt that includes items that are integral to the mystery storyline, such as a missing journal, a suspect’s personal item, or pieces of a torn-up note. Each item reveals more about the plot or suspects.

The sack race is a hilarious and entertaining game that’s perfect for all ages. Give each participant a large sack (old pillowcases work well) and have them line up at the starting point. On the signal, they must hop to the finish line. The first person to cross the line wins. This game is sure to generate lots of laughs and memorable moments.

Giant Jenga takes the classic tabletop game to a whole new level. Use large wooden blocks to create a giant Jenga tower. Players take turns removing one block at a time and placing it on top of the tower, trying to avoid making it collapse. This game requires a steady hand and a lot of patience, making it a thrilling addition to your party.

Once the theme and storyline are set and you’ve had a think about what types of games you’d like to play then the next step is to choose a suitable venue. A backyard provides a convenient and intimate setting, while a park or beach offers more space.

Next, send invitations and assign each guest a character, Masters of mystery give you all the tools to be able to do that. Once the date is set and the invites out then think about decorating the venue to match the chosen mystery theme, bunting and classical music for your Bridgerton themed party or props such as pistols and swords for Cowboys and pirates and then decide on a menu, adding themed drinks an food to serve your guests.

Here are a few tips for ensuring you have a great summer murder mystery party:-

  • Ensure a good mix of suspects, to keep the mystery engaging. At Masters of Mystery each character has their own booklet, you can make sure the guests have all the information they need.
  • Give your guests some costume suggestions, these should be included with the invites that you send out.
  • Offer prizes for the best costume, best actor, or most convincing alibi. This adds a competitive element that motivates guests to stay in character.

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor parties, bringing together sunshine, fresh air, and plenty of fun. Adding a variety of outdoor games to your event can take it to the next level, ensuring your guests have an unforgettable experience. Whether you're hosting a birthday bash, a family reunion, or a casual get-together.