Wizard Themed Online Escape Room Game - The Curse of Vendrick

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Host your own Wizarding World themed online escape room game virtually over Zoom or together in your own home virtual escape room game. Once purchased you will be given instructions to access the game and invite guests so you can work together to defend Toadworts Academy of Magic from an evil wizard before it’s too late! Solve puzzles to find the ancient Wand of Light with your fellow wizards in this Harry Potter escape room inspired self-guided online experience!

Online Escape Room Plot

On your way to take your final exams for your first year at Toadworts Academy of Magic, the evil wizard Vendrick, former headmaster of the school, suddenly astral projects himself into your classroom.

He says he’s captured the headmistress, and plans to use her as part of an evil spell to put the whole school under his thrall! Your group of wizards must find the Wand of Light hidden within the school to dispel his curse and save the headmistress. But finding the Wand will be difficult, as it is very carefully guarded.

You must hurry before the evil sorcerer dooms the school forever!

Time To Escape: 1 Hour

Age: 13+