Escape Room Instructions

Escape Room Instructions

1. Upon ordering your Escape Room game you will be sent an E-Mail with your Access Code. This will also contain a button taking you to the game login page. You can however go to

2. You must forward the Access Code and Button to other individuals who will be logging in and playing. These players will share your game but be able to control the puzzles and game themselves to help solve clues quicker.

3. The game is best played on a Laptop or Desktop Computer. A tablet or smartphone can be used but it must be used in landscape mode.

4. Further instructions will be provided as you login but please do not Start the game until each player has entered the Lobby (top right of screen) and you are able to communication with each other over Zoom or other method of communication. You will not be able to re-start the game once the countdown has begun.

5. Each game will vary in difficulty, some games will be an hour in length and others longer.

6. Should you not escape the room in time you will still be able to continue playing but you will have lost and be locked in FOREVER.

7. There may be elements of the page you need to interact with so please read the text on each page fully (bottom right of screen).

8. If you are playing via Zoom or other video conferencing software you will still need to send your invite links out ahead of time.