Time Travel/Alien Themed Escape Room Game

Time Travel/Alien Themed Escape Room Game - Ceres Mission

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Host your own online escape room game virtually over Zoom or together in your own home with this Time Travel & Alien themed virtual escape room game. Once purchased you will be given instructions to access the game and invite guests so you can work together to complete the Ceres Mission.

Online Escape Room Plot

In exactly 60 mins the “Ceres Asteroid” will start entering our atmosphere. Once inside, its impact will cause hundreds of millions of deaths.

As you know, throughout history, Extraterrestrial beings have helped us develop our technology and thanks to them, we can now time travel. Our organization has managed to keep this technology safe and from falling into the wrong hands.

These beings have come to help us once again. They have the technology to deviate the asteroid and keep it from hitting our planet, but I’m afraid they have been intercepted. We do not know who is responsible, but we have a lead...

Use the time travel machine to fix this. The future is in your hands.

Time To Escape: 1 Hour

Age: 13+

Recommended Device: Computer