Unsolved Cold Case Files Game

Unsolved Cold Case Files Game - Sherlock Holmes v Jack The Ripper Unsolved Murder Mystery

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You have been called by the legendary Sherlock Holmes himself to help solve the infamous Jack the Ripper murders in this unsolved online case file. 

What's in the digital Kit: 

Within the online portal you will find a full dossier on this cold case with letters from Jack The Ripper and Sherlock Holmes helping you solve this murder mystery. Take these observations to heart, but come to your own conclusions. 

The game includes original documentation and letters from the Ripper case and has been designed to be as historically accurate as possible.


This is a game of observation and deduction. You’ve been contacted by Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective in history, who has asked for your help in solving one of the most chilling cases he’s ever encountered, The Ripper Murders.


 Recommended Device: Computer