80's Hollywood Female Costumes for Murder Mystery Party

Think Big Hairstyles! Think Shoulder Pads! Think Bright Neon Colors! Think Ripped Jeans! Get set to explore a few iconic 80's fashion looks that can fit a range of characters for the Masters of Mystery's s Murder Mystery Game Kit. 

The eighties was one of our most diverse fashion eras beautifully encapsulated by Hollywood of the time. The best place to start your research is in the incredible films and television of the 80's ripe with wild characters worth dressing up as and rocking. And don't forget to check out the incredible music artists of the time who equally defined the area with pop, electro, and punk fashion trends.

Before choosing your costume for a murder mystery party, don't forget to dress up according to your assigned character for the game. You will find out more about your character in the character booklets provided by your host.   

Murder mystery dress up is the ultimate escapism. You can hire costumes are  or purchase through Costume shops or Amazon. But don't forget that some of the best 80s outfits can be found in your local thrift shop. And 80s fashion is coming back in style in a big way. So, after your 80s party you can recycle and reuse the outfit every day. 

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80s murder mystery party

 Before we start, while the article is skewed towards more female 80s-dress up, all the looks can also be altered to more gender-neutral outfits/costume ideas.


The '80's "Pretty in Pink" Prom Queen

The eighty's prom outfits were iconic. Look no further for inspiration than the perpetual 80s cool girl, Molly Ringwood. The most important rules to remember are there is no way to over-accessorize and, if in doubt, double that hair! 

80s costumes are widely available online, but why not go looking for some hidden treasure that you will surely find in your local thrift stores.


80's prom dress costume
  1. Ruffled dress
  2. Tiara
  3. Fishnets
  4. Gloves
  5. High heels
  6. Big accessories
  7. big hair (obviously!)

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: young actresses, makeup artists, models, Madonna wannabe,


Madonna Outfit  

Madonna-like Costumes

In the 1980s, Madonna stood for cool, fun, young, and hot! Many of Madonna's trademark looks are from the early '80s. We can attribute lacy fingerless gloves, eyeliner, beauty spots,¾  leggings, rara skirts, and even statement tees to her. Her fans and all of Hollywood loved her style!  Here we are outlining her iconic 80s retro "wild child" look.


80s Madonna  costume ideas
  1. Black lacy, strappy top
  2. Jacket (preferably with shoulder pads)
  3. Rara skirt
  4. Leggings (plain or patterned)
  5. Lacy white/black gloves
  6. Headband
  7. Long beaded necklace
  8. High heels
  9. Big hair (obviously!)


Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: actresses, makeup artists, models, Madonna wannabe, rising stars, pop princesses

Madonna outfits are also widely available from costume stores and online from amazon. 

"Let' get physical" with Jazzercize

As soon as we all hear the 80's we immediately think of tennis whites, lycra, scrunchies, and headbands. The song "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John has us all singing, but it also immortalized the fun gym image to the 80s. It is one of the easiest costumes to recreate, and even better, you can reuse it for your next spin class!

80s party Jazzercise costume
  1. Neon leotard
  2. Neon leggings
  3. Leg warmers
  4. Spray jacket
  5. Sweatbands
  6. Headbands /Scrunchies
  7. White tennis shoes
  8. Big hair (obviously!)


Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: Jazzercize enthusiast, gym addicts, make up artists

Jazzercize outfits are also widely available from costume stores and online from amazon. 


"Working Girl" Power Suits

If you wanted to make it big in the 80s corporate, you needed to dress big. The power suit was incredibly popular with women of all ages. Pencil skirts and a matching blazer demonstrated you owned that board room – they don't call it a power suit for nothing. But the blazer, and especially the shoulder pads, was evident throughout street and pop fashion trends, especially wearing it oversized!

For this outfit, we have taken inspiration from Melanie Griffiths from “Working Girl,” Julia Roberts in Pretty women with a hint of Lady Diana Spencer.


Melanie Griffiths Outfit
  1. High pants/pencil skirt (in a bright color, or black)
  2. Matching Blazer with shoulder pads.
  3. White blouse
  4. Chunky belt
  5. Hoop earing
  6. Defined heal
  7. Big hair (obviously!)


Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: actresses, movie executives, rising stars, pop princesses

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Costume

The 80s anthem “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” wasn't the only thing that Cyndi Lauper was known for. Her crazy over hair sprayed dos and assortment of black punk with bright pop captures the collectiveness of the 80s brilliantly.


80s murder mystery costume
  1. Neon top
  2. Bright polka dot skirt
  3. Chunky belt
  4. Leggings/fishnets (plain or patterned)
  5. Lacy black gloves
  6. Headband
  7. High heels
  8. Large earings
  9. Big hair (obviously!)


Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: actresses, makeup artists, models, Madonna wannabe, rising stars, pop princesses


Rock and Punk Outfits

While the 80s is often remembered for the neon colors and overuse of polka dots, it was also a time when female punk, R&B, and rock started to diversify. Artists and groups like Grace Jones, Bananarama, Kim Wilde, and Blondie. Also, don't forget the signature over-applied makeup.

Rock and Punk Outfits
  1. High rise jeans or leather pants 
  2. Print T-shirt
  3. Oversized jacket – leather, denim, sequence
  4. Suspenders
  5. Black hat
  6. Big earrings
  7. Bangles
  8. High heels
  9. Big Hair (obviously!)

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: actresses, makeup artists, models, Madonna wannabe, rising stars, pop princesses


Dirty Dancing "Baby" Costume

No one puts Baby in a corner! And why should they! The character Baby Houseman, played by Jennifer Grey, had the classic eighties look. And we LOVE it! A dozen of Baby’s looks are perfect for a summer costume to an 80's murder mystery party. The two most famous looks are the "backless pink dress" in the movie's final scene and the casual shorts and summer blouses. The greatest thing about Baby's look is it is right on trend with current fashion styles!

baby 80s costume
  1. Denim Shorts
  2. Sleeveless Bodysuit; or
  3. Front Tie Crop Top
  4. Headband
  5. White Tennis Shoes
  6. Big Hair (obviously!)

The Classic Breakfast Club Looks

The Basket Case

Allison Reynolds, played by Allie Sheedy, the self-confessed basket case, emanated the darker side of the 80s. Very classic in black, the style is moving ever so slightly to towards the 90s grunge. Alison's look is a great costume choice for those favoring comfort.

80s outfit costume ideas
  1. Dark denim mom jeans
  2. Black oversized sweater
  3. Combat boots
  4. headband
  5. Chunky accessories
  6. Big hair (obviously!)

Ideal for Murder Mystery Roles: actresses, makeup artists, models, Madonna wannabe, rising stars, pop princesses

The Princess

Again, Molly Ringwald, the queen of eighties teen movies, plays the princess Claire Standish. This look is typical "most popular girl in school." Her style resembles the feminine and sophistication of the 80s.


80s "breakfast club" costume
  1. simple pink sweater
  2. into a brown suede mini skirt.
  3. brown heeled ankle boots
  4. a pink beret,
  5. diamond earrings
  6. Big hair (obviously!)


Host your own 1980's Hollywood Murder Mystery Game

"Murder In The 1980s"


Murder In The 1980s


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Assume the role of one of our characters inspired by 80’s Movies and Pop Icons: The Terminator; Bill & Ted; The Breakfast Club; Back to the Future; Top Gun, Madonna, and more.

Download, invite your friends, and enjoy a night of laughs and mystery.