Christmas Murder Mystery
Christmas Murder Mystery Host Your Own Dinner Party Game Kit
Christmas Murder Mystery Host Your Own Dinner Party Game Kit
Christmas Murder Mystery Host Your Own Dinner Party Game Kit
Christmas Murder Mystery Host Your Own Dinner Party Game Kit

Christmas Murder Mystery Host Your Own Dinner Party Game Kit

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  • The Host Can Play Along
  • Download & Play Immediately After Purchase
  • Playable on Zoom & In-Real Life

Host your own In Real Life or Virtual Murder Mystery Christmas game night with the ultimate Christmas themed murder mystery game kit. Let all of your favourite Christmas characters come to life for a thrilling murder mystery perfect for the festive season.

The host your own Christmas murder mystery kit is perfect for a winter night in with family, a dinner party game with friends or a team building Christmas party for colleagues.

Simply download the Christmas mystery game materials immediately after purchase, invite your friends and enjoy a night of laughs, festive cheer and mystery. 

Murder Mystery Plot

The holidays can be stressful for all of us—but they’re especially hard on the people who reenact a Christmas story every year for our entertainment. So good old Ebenezer Scrooge has started a “Holiday Derangement Syndrome” therapy group for characters from pop culture to get together and talk about their feelings.

Scrooge decides to act as therapist himself, since he knows all about the mixed feelings Christmas can bring. He is leading characters like the Grunch, the Sugar Plum Fairy and Shawn McClane through a discussion of what Christmas means to them when the lights suddenly go out.

There is a strange gurgling sound in the darkness, and when the lights come back on—Scrooge is dead with a sprig of holly through his heart! Was he killed by someone who was concerned about the secrets he knew? Someone who was scared of the direction the discussion was taking? Or maybe it was—YOU!

Game Details

Murder Mystery Game Title: A Christmas Mash-Up Murder

Crime: Murder

Game Play: Random Murderer (Can be played multiple times)

Character Genders: Multiple Gender Neutral, Male & Female Characters

Difficulty: Light Hearted & Easy

Game Length: 1.5 - 3 Hours
Ages: 13+

Costume Suggestions: Christmas Characters

What's In The Download Kit
  • Host Guide
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge Video Files
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge Audio Files
  • Evidence Pack
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Invitations
4-8 Player Game SHAWN McCLANE Tough New York cop who helps villains die hard
BILLIE THE ELF Raised as an elf, has grown too tall
GRUNCH Hates Christmas season, no one quite knows the reason
GRUNCHESS Almost as grumpy as her husband
CINDY LOU WOO Used to love Christmas, but has developed a dislike of roast beast
MAXY  Grunch's dog, confused about Christmas
SANTA KLAUSE Reluctant new Father Christmas
MRS. KLAUSE Reluctant, hates baking cookies
4-14 Player Game RUE DOLPH Reindeer, has a very shiny nose
KEL MCCANISTER Left home alone too many times
SUGAR PLUM FAIRY Sickened by too many Christmas sweets
CAPTAIN NUTCRACKER Tired of waltzing, wants to rap 
MACK SKELLINGTON Wants to bring the Christmas spirit to Halloween
RALPHIE RYDER Wants a B.B. gun for Christmas, but gets a leg lamp instead
4-20 Player Game MARK CRISWOLD Bumbling father, needs a Christmas vacation
JACKY FROST Fairy, tired of being cold
JINGLY BELLE Santa’s adopted daughter, bored with Christmas
BOB CRATCHIT Scrooge’s clerk, wants more time off
MRS. CRATCHIT Tired of making plum puddings that don’t come out right
TINY KIM Still waiting for a Christmas miracle that never comes
Note: If you want the ability to choose from all characters please purchase the 20 player game.

Commercial License

You will need a commercial license in the following circumstances;

  • You plan to use the game for profit (public or private)
  • You plan to promote and host the game publicly
  • If you are running the game as part of an event where guests or individuals are charged an entry fee
  • If you are hosting the game for a virtual or public dinner party

You are not authorised to sell or amend any game or document in any form.

You must purchase the license with the game you intend on using it for. If you have already purchased the game individually please purchase this again with the license and we will refund your original order.