Haunted Halloween Online Escape Room Game - The Haunting of Emmie Jenkins

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Host your own online escape room game virtually over Zoom or together in your own home with this Halloween themed virtual escape room game. Once purchased you will be given instructions to access the game and invite guests so you can work together to solve The Haunting of Emmie Jenkins.

Online Escape Room Plot

On January 24th, 1964, The Preston Police department received a call at 23:40. The caller said it had heard loud gunshots coming from their neighbours house. Police quickly arrived at the Jenkins Family home and found all members dead, each one in a different room. 

Police also found a 3-page ransom note that was on the dining table asking for money in return for Emmie. Police interrogated anyone with connections to the family, but no one knew of anyone named “Emmie”. 

Did the father, mother and daughter write the ransom notes? What happened the night of the murders? was anyone else present that night? and who is Emmie?

Time To Escape: 1 Hour

Age: 13+