Eurovision & X-Factor Singing Competition Themed Murder Mystery Game Kit
Eurovision & X-Factor Singing Competition Themed Murder Mystery Game Kit

Eurovision & X-Factor Singing Competition Themed Murder Mystery Game Kit

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  • The Host Can Play Along
  • Download & Play Immediately After Purchase
  • Playable on Zoom & In-Real Life

Host your own In Real Life or Virtual Eurovision & X-Factor Singing Competition themed Murder Mystery game night. Our host your own murder mystery game kit is perfect for a night in with family, a dinner party game with friends or a team building exercise over Zoom for colleagues.

Simply download the mystery game materials immediately after purchase, invite your friends and enjoy a night of laughs and mystery. 

Murder Mystery Plot

It’s the final day of the Globotalent international singing competition. Everyone—singers, dancers, technicians—is running around, getting ready for tonight’s group finale, “Disco Lives Again.” The Event Producer, Bossu Crossu, is at the eye of the storm, standing center stage and issuing orders in all directions. Tempers are fraying and voices are raised in many languages and accents.

Then a giant mirrored disco ball crashes down from overhead. It lands right on Bossu Crossu, killing her instantly with a gigantic splat.

Was it an accident, or was it murder? If murder, whodunit? Maybe it was—YOU!

Game Details

Murder Mystery Game Title: Murder at a Singing Competition

Game Play: Random Replay-able Game

Crime: Murder

Character Genders: Multiple Gender Neutral, Male & Female Characters

Game Setting: Globotalent international singing competition/ Stage/ TV Set

Difficulty: Medium (Replayable With Different Outcome)

Game Length: 1.5 - 3.5 Hours

Costume Suggestions: Flamboyant & unique to how your character feels

Ages: 14+

What's In The Download Kit
  • Host Guide
  • Detective Audio Files
  • Evidence Packs
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Costume Suggestions (In Character Guides)
  • Invitations
4-8 Player Game Freddie Queen UK. Singing rock for decades, never made it big. Narcissist, loves mirrors.
Kewtee Bootee Bubblegum popster. Way too excited about doing disco in the finale.
Lina Burner USA. Singing R&B for decades, never made it big. Prefers to work alone.
Momo Hawke Punk rocker. Hot-tempered, loves to pogo.
Ohkei Bopp Young K-Popper. Also known as “Lolly.” Acts like one of their many teen fans.
Power Ampster Stagehand. Control freak, know-it-all take-charge type.
Viggel Yumpy Choreographer for the finale. Frustrated, feels unappreciated and overworked.
Yüli Coolio Eastern European rapper. Fast talker, paranoid.
4-14 Player Game Jess Folkes USA. Singer-guitarist, pretends to be humble but really arrogant.
LaDell Belto Power ballad singer. Assumes everyone is in love with them
Laserstarr Dust UK. Glam rocker. Obsessed with celebrities, gets too close to people.
Lookout Backe Australian, country singer. Talks about sheep and country life constantly.
Mick Cartney UK. Singing Classic Rock for decades, never made it big. Full of himself.
Salsi Verde Latin jazz artiste. Smooth, only comes to life when talking about cooking.
4-20 Player Game Baba Björn Swedish. Singing pop for decades, never made it big. Can be tough or bubbly.
Lasch Blakkë Dutch or South African, Gothic rocker. Obsessed with death and the occult.
Otamatoni Electronic Worldbeat singer/player. Defensive about the value of their music.
Sobbie Moh Moody, sings depressingly emotional songs. Takes offenses very seriously.
Spirali Jellini Italian. Hair and Make-Up Stylist. The bigger and brighter, the better.
Wyatt Angle Canadian. Head Camera Operator. Irritated by all the show biz types.
Note: If you want the ability to choose from all characters please purchase the 20 player game.
Commercial License

You will need a commercial license in the following circumstances;

  • You plan to use the game for profit (public or private)
  • You plan to promote and host the game publicly
  • If you are running the game as part of an event where guests or individuals are charged an entry fee
  • If you are hosting the game for a virtual or public dinner party

You are not authorised to sell or amend any game or document in any form.

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