Independence Day / BBQ Themed Murder Mystery Host Your Own Game Kit
Independence Day / BBQ Themed Murder Mystery Host Your Own Game Kit

Independence Day / BBQ Themed Murder Mystery Host Your Own Game Kit

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  • The Host Can Play Along
  • Download & Play Immediately After Purchase
  • Playable on Zoom & In-Real Life

Host your own In Real Life or Virtual Murder Mystery game night with the ultimate BBQ & Independence Day themed murder mystery game. Taking inspiration from Indendence Day, 4th July, BBQ & Luau party, our host your own murder mystery kits are perfect for a night in with family, a dinner party game with friends or a team building exercise over Zoom for colleagues.

Simply download the mystery game materials immediately after purchase, invite your friends and enjoy a night of laughs and mystery. 

Murder Mystery Plot

Justine and Otto Towne have relocated from the UK to the United States for their jobs. Since it’s summer, and they want to make friends with the crazy Yankees, they decide to throw an American-style 4th of July backyard barbecue (no matter what day it really is). They buy the biggest, baddest grill they can find, stock up on hamburgers, and hire their new neighbor Felipe Burgezz, a professional “Grillmeister,” to turn out all the expected charred delicacies. They invite their neighbors and co-workers—including YOU—to come on over.

At the party, a big crowd gathers around the grill. Everyone wants something special cooked just for them. The Grillmeister gets more and more irritated, then finally snaps, throws down the spatula and heads into the air-conditioned house to cool off. The party goes on.

Suddenly, there is an alarm. Someone has found the Grillmeister dead—with a skewer in his heart. Only the hosts and guests have been in the house. One of them, maybe YOU, committed the ghastly crime—but WHO?

Game Details

Murder Mystery Game Title: Independence Slay

Game Play: Random Replay-able Game

Crime: Murder

Character Genders: Multiple Gender Neutral, Male & Female Characters

Game Setting: BBQ

Difficulty: Medium (Replayable With Different Outcome)

Game Length: 1.5 - 3.5 Hours

Costume Suggestions: Independence Day & BBQ Theme

Ages: 13+

What's In The Download Kit
  • Host Guide
  • Detective Audio Files
  • Evidence Packs
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Costume Suggestions (In Character Guides)
  • Invitations
4 - 8 Player Game JUSTINE TOWNE Hostess, British expat trying to fit in by throwing a backyard BBQ. Extreme worrier.
OTTO TOWNE Host, British expat trying to fit in by owning a fancy grill. Suspicious of everyone.
NEWIN TOWNE British Uni student, spending summer with parents. Casual, lazy.
CHRIS CRASHER Newin’s significant other, unexpectedly came along for the summer. Nosy, prying.
MOSSY KETO American busybody neighbor, President of the Home Owners’ Association.
MALLOW HAW American neighbor, thought it was a Hawaiian luau. Pushy real estate agent.
PAT RYATT  American neighbor, thinks every day is the 4th of July, insists on fireworks
CANSINO PUPP American neighbor, always looking for lost dog. Never shuts up about it.
4 - 14 Player Game GIMMY A. BREWSKI American neighbor, just here for the free beer—and lots of it.
MINOS TRANGER Not-from-around here neighbor, mysterious, always making mistakes about America.
CYRUS KOPATH American neighbor, always setting off explosions in his mother’s basement.
JUANA POOLE American neighbor, thought it was a swim party. Naïvely believes everyone.
PARRY ENTLE American neighbor, escaping for the afternoon from a pack of screaming kids
KATJA WAIVE American neighbor, the “Surfer Chick Rapsta.” Talks incessantly about Malibu.
4 - 20 Player Game NOELL ITALL Australian expat neighbor, smugly explains everything, talks down to everyone.
DESI BELL American neighbor, rides a loud motorcycle up and down the street at all hours
IVY GANN Justine’s American or British boss, strict vegan
RHETT MEETE Otto’s American or British boss, militant carnivore
ALTO MATER Justine’s enthusiastic American co-worker, slathers ketchup on EVERYTHING
IMUS KNEES Otto’s American co-worker, allergic to everything, including gluten
Commercial License

You will need a commercial license in the following circumstances;

  • You plan to use the game for profit (public or private)
  • You plan to promote and host the game publicly
  • If you are running the game as part of an event where guests or individuals are charged an entry fee
  • If you are hosting the game for a virtual or public dinner party

You are not authorised to sell or amend any game or document in any form.

You must purchase the license with the game you intend on using it for. If you have already purchased the game individually please purchase this again with the license and we will refund your original order.