Monarchy & Royal Family Themed Murder Mystery Game Kit
Monarchy & Royal Family Coronation Party Themed Murder Mystery Game Kit

Monarchy & Royal Family Coronation Party Themed Murder Mystery Game Kit

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  • The Host Can Play Along
  • Download & Play Immediately After Purchase
  • Playable on Zoom & In-Real Life

Host your own In Real Life or Virtual Monarchy & Royal Family themed Murder Mystery game night perfect for any Coronation Party. Our host your own murder mystery game kit is perfect for a night in with family, a dinner party game with friends or a team building exercise over Zoom for colleagues.

Simply download the mystery game materials immediately after purchase, invite your friends and enjoy a night of laughs and mystery. 

Murder Mystery Plot

The Monarchy of Slobovia has been rocked by scandals. The Lord High Chancellor has decided that the only solution is to ask the people to decide which member of the royal family is the worst offender and then banish them from the realm.

The reigning monarch, Flippity XIV, agrees and summons the extended royal family for the momentous announcement. Medals, tiaras and ermine capes are brought out of storage as everyone hastens to obey.

Among the pomp and regalia in the Great Hall, tensions run high. Who will be named the “The Shame of Slobovia”? Who will be disgraced and exiled? Most importantly, who will lose their royal allowance?

The Lord High Chancellor is the only one who knows the wishes of the people. He steps forward to make the announcement, chokes suddenly and falls to the floor—dead.
Was it a convenient coincidence, or was it a right royal murder? And if it was a murder, whodunit?

Maybe it was—YOU! 

Game Details

Murder Mystery Game Title: Murder in the Monarchy

Game Play: Random Replay-able Game

Crime: Murder

Character Genders: Multiple Gender Neutral, Male & Female Characters

Game Setting: The Great Ball

Difficulty: Medium (Replayable With Different Outcome)

Game Length: 1.5 - 3.5 Hours

Costume Suggestions: Regal

Ages: 14+

What's In The Download Kit
  • Host Guide
  • Detective Audio Files
  • Evidence Packs
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Costume Suggestions (In Character Guides)
  • Invitations
4-8 Player Game Flippity XIV Monarch of Slobovia. Has stopped listening to complaining relatives.
Princess Imelda Flippity’s eldest child, heir to the throne. Always posing for a portrait.
Prince Ibenext Flippity’s middle child, second in line to the throne. Thinks he’s musical. NOT!
Prince/Princess Igolast Flippity’s youngest child, fifth in line to the throne. Hippie type, wants out.
Duke of Errol Princess Imelda’s suitor; eager to produce a royal baby. Twitchy, thinks he’s hot.
Earl of Dook Princess Imelda’s older suitor; eager to produce a royal baby. A bit slimy.
Lady Lemma Prince Ibenext’s first wife, mother of a royal teenager. Obsessed with her looks.
Lady Termina Prince Ibenext’s second wife, mother of a royal baby. Nosy, gossipy.
4-14 Player Game Dowager Monarch Flippity’s widowed parent. Full of “helpful” advice.
Prince/Princess Conn Sortie Flippity’s spouse. Follows Flippity around, trying to look meek.
Prince/Princess Separe Flippity’s younger sibling. Rebellious and fun-loving.
Lord/Lady Soniedy Flippity’s niece/nephew, Separe’s child. Will do anything for attention.
Prince/Princess Immatcher Flippity’s aunt/uncle. Acts half their age—at best.
Prince/Princess Puttaring Flippity’s aunt/uncle. Married 3 times and actively hunting for #4.
4-20 Player Game Duke/Duchess of Duh Flippity’s cousin. Sarcastic, treats everyone like they’re stupid.
Marquess/Marchioness of Mo Flippity’s cousin. Only here for the free food.
Earl/Countess of Upton Flippity’s cousin from Upton Abbey. Terribly vague and forgetful.
Viscount/Viscountess of Vim Flippity’s cousin. High-energy, fast talker.
Baron/Baroness of Bunce Flippity’s cousin. Fun and bouncy, but sulks if told “no.”
Lord/Lady Farro Flung Flippity’s most distant cousin. Desperately clinging on as “royal family.”
Note: If you want the ability to choose from all characters please purchase the 20 player game.
Commercial License

You will need a commercial license in the following circumstances;

  • You plan to use the game for profit (public or private)
  • You plan to promote and host the game publicly
  • If you are running the game as part of an event where guests or individuals are charged an entry fee
  • If you are hosting the game for a virtual or public dinner party

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