10 Best Young Adult Murder Mystery Games


cowboy YA murder mystery games
Such a perfect way to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday!! All her friends got into it & we couldn’t stop smiling the whole night! Downloads & printing was super easy too!

A murder mystery party is not only for adults! There are various game kits for younger generations, and they are great for birthday celebrations, school or curricular club parties, and even just as a weekend game with the family!

Players investigate the truth from their fellow suspects, find the secret clues and solve the crime (not always murder). Take the murder mystery party up a notch by dressing up as their assigned characters using costume suggestions or their imagination.

The best YA murder mystery games are based on the most popular and current YA books, TV shows, and movies. Teens who love acting, love puzzles and riddles, or just want to play something a little different will love our mystery games.

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Check out our top picks for young adult mystery parties below. You are sure to find some inspiration:

Harry Potter-Inspired Mystery Party 

harry potter inspired murder mystery game

Inspired by one of the most revered and iconic YA series to date, a Harry Potter-themed murder mystery is a must for our list. This is a great game kit for Harry Potter fans looking for Magic and Mayhem but is also suitable for younger kids as it doesn't involve any brutally murdered victims.


The Mystery at Toadwart School


The Mystery at Toadwart School

Join headmaster, Professor Bumblebee, students, teachers, and ghosts as they gather together to feast in honor of the newest and most powerful artifact: the Philosopher's Scone. But, the Great Hall turns sour when the Philosopher's Scone appears stolen.

Assume a character, Harriet Putter, Rain Sneezely and Hermes Tranger, the devious Draggo Misfit and Crabby Gargoyle or Nearly-Noseless Nickie. Find the thief.

Greatest Showman-themed Mystery Game 

circus murder mystery game

Murder at the Big Top


Taking inspiration from P.T Barnum and the Greatest Showman, a circus-themed murder mystery party is "The Greatest Show!" Trust us. If you are looking for color, magic, and fun, then this mystery party might be just for you!

As the circus's last night in a small town, the company is celebrating, but there have been some issues brewing behind the tent. When one of the Burnam Brothers, the ring leader, turns up dead, it will be your job to find out who did it!

Fantasy Medieval-inspired Mystery Games


Lord of the Throne: The Hydrock Massacre


Fantasy fast becoming the most popular genre in YA culture. With TV series like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit, kids are immersing themselves in unique and reimagined medieval worlds.

After the Great Battle, the Kingdom of Hydrock has formed for peace. In its formation, the Hydrock Pact decrees that all ten clans will be designated a realm to live by their traditions and customs. The kingdom is governed from Hydrock Castle by King William Alexander John Vixsor' The Claret King'.

At Hydrock Castle, a meeting to discuss The Hydrock Pact brings the clans together. However, the Lefqwen of Abinark, the centauress, has mysteriously failed to show up and is quickly suspected of being murdered. Play as a clans members as you guess and wait for the secrets and killers to reveal themselves.

Haunted-Mansion Themed Mystery Game

fun at murder mystery party


Robert Brault said, "There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly lit front porch." Give each of the young adult mystery party players the excuse to dress up for Halloween again. We guarantee they will be jumping out of their skin to do it.

Haunted mansion themed murder mystery game kit


Mystery At Monster Mansion

A monster-themed murder mystery game is also great for birthday parties, family reunions, and other events outside Halloween. One night the world-famous eccentric inventor, Madsy Entist, invites all the most gruesome and fiendish monsters to a celebration at her haunted mansion. But the party turns sour when Madsy's latest invention was stolen before the unveiling. Which of creeps and ghouls could have done it?


Pirate Murder Mystery Game

Though the Pirate of the Caribbean movies were a while ago, pirate literature remains hugely popular in YA. And I bet you can already picture a son or friend decked out as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. The theme is excellent for virtual play through zoom or in-person and can be played in a small or large group.

pirate murder mystery game

Dead Men Drink No Rum

We recommend this game for ages 16+ as there are references to alcohol. You can be sure that teens will enjoy playing our colorful characters from The Bouncing Barnacle pirate ship. It is their job to figure out who murdered Pop DeKegg, the tavern keeper. And, is there treasure to be found?

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James Bond Spy Mystery Party

Mote Carlo With Murder

From Mote Carlo With Murder

Who doesn't love a good spy movie! Check out this ultimate James Bond Inspired, Spy-themed, murder mystery game. Monte Carlo's fancy casino setting in the 1960s is a perfect excuse to get dressed up in Tuxedo or formal Dresses.

But don't forget there is a killer on the loose.

Wild West Cowboy Mystery Party

Wild West Cowboy Mystery Party

The Wild West! A time of mayhem, messes, and mystery games. You can be sure teens will love dressing up in hats, boots, and flannel. It can be played in a small or large group.


High Noon At Dead Man's Saloon


High Noon At Dead Man's Saloon

In 1870 in Dead Man, Kansas, USA, a big crowd is forming in the saloon as word spreads of a shootout on Main Street. But as the public moves outside, two shots ring out from behind back in the saloon. Deputy Drinkwater is shot through the heart. Who did the evil deed?

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Masquerade Ball Mystery Party


A Masquerade Murder


A Masquerade Murder

This is a hit with girls and boys alike taking inspiration from some of the world's best carnivals. Take a trip to Venice in 1755, it's carnival season, and everyone is dressed to impress at the masquerade ball. But all eyes are on the mystery guest in red! Then, suddenly a glass smashes, and they are dead. Find out each of the masked players' secretes and unmask the murderer - literally.

You could make players DIY their mascarade masks or give out prizes for the best dressed for extra fun! This game is perfect for daughters, sons, friends, and family.

80s Themed Mystery Party

80s murder mystery party

Most teens love a glimpse of life for their parents, and our 80s themed game kit is perfect! What's more, the 80s was the gateway for YA Pop culture, and much of the iconic movies of the time are still hugely popular today.

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A Totally Rad 1980's Murder


A Totally Rad 1980's Murder

At Masters of Mystery, the 80s game kit takes inspiration from Movies and Pop Icons such as; The Terminator, Bill & Ted, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Top Gun, Madonna, and more. It can be played in small or more significant groups. Just remember, you might have some nostalgic parents outside your party's door wanting to join in the mystery games!

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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Party

Murder At Moorbourne Manor

Inspire young adults with the original mystery detective, Sherlock Holmes. It can be played in a small or large group.

You are invited to the ailing Lord Victor Moorbourne's last will and testament at Moorbourne Manor. The guests stay for drinks, but the evening takes a gruesome turn when Lord Moorbourne's is discovered in his study! You won't have time to wait as Detective Leslie Hughes arrives swiftly on the scene and will not rest till he catches a killer. 

Masters of Mystery Murder Mystery Games Kits

You can purchase Murder mystery game kits as a box set or downloadable versions. Expansion packs are also available for large-sized groups and murder mystery parties.  

Masters of Mystery Murder game Kits include:

  • Evidence Packs
  • Character Booklets
  • Game Ballot
  • Costume Suggestions
  • Invitations